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If any investor has stood the test of time, it’s Warren Buffett, and with good reason. For years, the so-called Oracle of Omaha has been a rock star presence in the investment world. Its annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting attracts thousands of loyal fans who are investors. Known for his long buy-and-hold strategies and vast portfolio of public and private investments, he remains one of the preeminent investors in the world, and the long-term results have been staggering.

We decided to take a look at his Berkshire Hathaway portfolio and look for companies in the healthcare sector that not only seem to be doing very well this year, but are also paying reliable dividends. We’ve found 10 that look like ideal stocks for investors to consider right now, especially in a very volatile and nervous market. While interest rates are expected to rise this year, these companies shouldn’t be hurt by the rise, and some could even benefit.

Abbott Laboratories

Large-cap pharma stocks tend to always do well in distressed markets, and this blue chip is among the best. Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT) discovers, develops, manufactures and sells healthcare products worldwide.

The established pharmaceutical products segment offers branded generic pharmaceuticals for the treatment of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency; irritable bowel syndrome or bile spasms; intrahepatic cholestasis or depressive symptoms; gynecological diseases; hormone replacement therapy; dyslipidemia; Hypertension; hypothyroidism; Meniere’s disease and vestibular vertigo; pain, fever and inflammation; Migraine; anti-infective clarithromycin; cardiovascular and metabolic products; and influenza vaccines and to regulate the physiological rhythm of the colon.

The Diagnostic Products segment offers laboratory systems in the fields of immunoassay, clinical chemistry, hematology and transfusion; molecular diagnostics systems that automate the extraction, purification and preparation of DNA and RNA from patient samples, and detect and measure infectious agents; point of care systems; cartridges for testing blood; lateral flow rapid diagnostic test products; point-of-care molecular testing for HIV, SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A and B, RSV and Strep A; cardiometabolic test systems; drug and alcohol testing and remote patient monitoring and consumer self-testing systems; as well as IT and automation solutions for use in the laboratory.

Shareholders will receive a dividend of 1.50%. Abbott Laboratories stock has traded between $105.36 and $142.60 a share over the past year. The consensus target stands at $143.72. The last trade for Friday was reported at $125.49.


This biotech giant remains a top stock for investors, having sold out since last summer and offering one of the best entry points in years. Amgen Inc. (NASDAQ: AMGN) discovers, develops, manufactures and markets human therapeutics worldwide. It focuses on inflammation, oncology/hematology, bone health, cardiovascular disease, nephrology and neuroscience.

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