3 game consoles Mak ea comeback


Courtesy Intellivision


$ 250 and up (available 2022)

The original Intellivision console, produced by the toy company Mattel, challenged Atari’s dominance. But it has been decades since a machine was branded Intellivision. As an independent company, Intellivision promises that the Amico will appeal to gamers who want a return to simplicity. Many games for the most popular consoles such as PlayStation and XBox practically require a degree in computer science.

Games for the Amico will feature some reworked classics like Missile Command and Moon Patrol, with an emphasis on family games – games without graphic violence and profanity. As with the VCS, Amico games can be streamed or downloaded from the Internet, although the company also markets “physical” products for collectors – essentially download code cards with other collectibles in an old-school box. Intellivision is also bringing back retro controllers – with a directional dial that you press with your thumb – although there is now a touchscreen in what used to be a keyboard on the original Intellivision unit.

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