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Ink cartridges are notoriously expensive. Apparently the manufacturers are using the same trick as razor and blade manufacturers – cheap entry-level products with expensive accessories. Aside from massive R&D spending, there’s no official justification for the questionable prices. Luckily, UK consumers have plenty of choice and real bargains are just a click away.

1. Discover compatible ink

Just like their OEM counterparts, these cartridges are designed for specific printers. Despite comparable quality and quantity, they are significantly cheaper. Independent brands are not giants with multi-billion dollar R&D spend. They can compete on price while still offering decent (and often excellent) quality.

By switching to compatible products, you save 20% – 70% every time. For example a 4-pack HP 953xl ink costs £39.99 from the Smart Ink Shop. Meanwhile, Hewlett-Packard is charging £95.99 for a standard yield package that prints half as many pages. You would have to pay almost £200 for the same value!

2. Try recycled cartridges

Remanufactured (recycled) cartridges offer similar savings. These are refurbished OEM products. After use, they are thoroughly cleaned, prepared, refilled and tested. As a result, you are buying a genuine cartridge case filled with fresh compatible ink.

This option is most attractive to environmentally conscious customers. Recycling reduces the impact on the environment, carbon footprint, air and water pollution, etc. Remanufactured products are sold online along with compatible cartridges. As a rule, you should get similar guarantees and marks of quality.

3. Choose High Yield

Page yield indicates the number of pages you can print with 5% coverage. Third-party brands often have XL or even XXL cartridges. You can get twice the ink (or more!) and still save dozens of pounds per purchase.

4. Choose top rated stores

Well-known brands like Smart Ink are highly competitive. Ideally, you will receive the complete package:

  • Quality certified according to global standards such as ISO, CE, Reach and STMC.
  • Comprehensive guarantee on all products (two-year money-back guarantee with no-hassle returns in the event of defects or damage in transit).
  • The latest version of cartridge chips for seamless detection.
  • Ink level tracking (some cartridges will notify the user when ink is low).
  • Free Shipping across the UK.
  • Additional discounts when purchasing two or more items.
  • seasonal offers etc.

Check real feedback on sites like Trustpilot. Evaluate the quality of customer support and review all terms and conditions before placing an order.

5. Use less ink

Here are a few tips to help you print more sparingly. Switch the web page view to Reader mode (without images and ads). If the setting isn’t available automatically, you can install a special Chrome extension.

Use draft mode (in printer settings) when print quality is not important. Choose fonts that use less ink (e.g. Times New Roman or Century Gothic are more economical than Arial). Whenever possible, save documents as PDF files instead of printing them out.

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