7 ways to maximize user adoption of your document management system

Through Johanna honey, DocuWare: A document management system reduces costs, automates tedious manual processes and makes working life easier. Guess what? Your employees will not automatically be excited about the benefits of a paperless office. Many employees would rather do things the way they have always done than venture into the unknown.

What is User Adoption?

User acceptance is the process of motivating software users to accept and become familiar with it new technology. Your success begins with locating the sources of resistance to change and devising strategies to break through them.

Business leaders and department heads need to find ways to encourage users to try something new and build excitement about the transition. Finally, the leadership team must provide effective training to facilitate the transition and ensure the software solution truly increases productivity and employee satisfaction

A guide to fast, effective technology onboarding

How do you get employees to actually look forward to the changes that a technology initiative brings? Strong leadership, champions who build enthusiasm, targeted communication, and hands-on training are best practices guaranteed to delight users.

1. Develop a…

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“I can’t explain how much [DocuWare] changed our company and how we do business…”

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