Analog pocket alternatives that bring you a great retro gaming experience

The Retro CM3 might not look like much and you’d be forgiven for flinching at its $150.00 price tag, but it packs a lot of punch. The shell, especially the default gray, looks like it’s about two notches taller than something your neighbor might have 3D printed in his garage, but that can be remedied somewhat with one of the alternative shells. Options include black with red or blue buttons, or various semi-transparent shells. The button layout is simple, just including ABXY, Start, Select, a D-Pad, an analog stick, and a couple of triggers at the top.

Where the Retro CM3 really shines is on the inside. It uses a Raspberry Pi CM3 Lite board and comes with 45 emulators and thousands of games preinstalled. There’s also a slot for an SD card, leaving the option to add additional emulators or ROMs that you might enjoy.

The Raspberry Pi is fully capable of running games up to the N64 and PS1 (per Retro Dodo). So if you can get over the mediocre build quality of the exterior, you can look forward to a comfortable gaming experience.

The Retro CM3 doesn’t offer an option to play multiplayer or connect to a TV, but its size makes it perfect for carrying in your pocket, and six hours of playable battery life mean you can play on the go.

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