Analogue Pocket allows users to play through the video game history


The upcoming Analogue Pocket handheld console will allow gamers to play a range of video games thanks to a custom operating system.

Analog bag

the Analog bag is a new portable gaming device originally announced in 2019 that has some retro video games on it like the Pokémon red or Tetris. This console aims to regain the spirit of playing portable video games as the console is listed as compatible with over 2000 different titles. Because game preservation has been such a hot topic in recent years, the Analogue Pocket was designed to preserve and preserve these pieces of gaming history.

The games that the Analogue Pocket is compatible with span the full range from Nintendo’s Game Boy line to the Game Boy Advance, Atari’s Lynx cartridges and even the Neo Geo Pocket from SNK. These can all be played on the Analogue Pocket via cartridge adapters that fit into the system. There are other functions of the console, such as a dock that enables TV playback, as well as various multiplayer options. To make all of this possible, the Analogue Pocket will have its own custom operating system designed to help explore the game’s history.

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The analog operating system will be featured in the upcoming Pocket Console, where it will help gamers “explore, discover and play through all of video game history.” It will contain an extensive library database containing many different games that can be browsed by platform, region, developer and publisher. From there, players can then play them on the pocket themselves. The Pocket can also read and display the full information of each recognized game cartridge that has been inserted.

Other additional functions included have been specially developed for the player to improve their gaming experience. This includes the implementation of memory states, screenshots and even a video memory function. There’s also a tool in the Analogue Pocket’s operating system that can help players track their progress and game stats so they can look forward to and keep track of a lot. To further improve a player’s gaming experience, there will be a playlist function that can help quickly and easily organize which games are your favorites.

As a developing medium, this operating system is constantly being updated to explore more options for preserving video game history. It should be noted that the console cannot run ROM files and will only play games in the library using an official physical cartridge. The console should be out later this year, although the Analogue Pocket’s release date has been delayed for a variety of reasons, most notably the coronavirus pandemic and lack of components.

the Analog bag starts in December 2021.

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