Best alternatives to original HP cartridges

Printing ink is one of the most expensive liquids in the world. HP, like other major manufacturers, is notorious for its pricing. Global demand for cheaper alternatives explains the popularity of generic and refilled cartridges. Discover how they work and how you can save money without sacrificing quality.

You can find any ink, including a pack of cartridges, at a trusted independent store HP 972x, and get similar value at a low cost. For example, Smart Ink lets you pay $ 159.99 for the full package (4 cartridges), while the manufacturer offers a black cartridge for $ 139.99! The potential savings are amazing, but can you really trust these products?

How it started

Compatible cartridges have proven to be an alternative to expensive OEM consumables. All well-known printer manufacturers have been using the same “razor and blade” model for decades. Office equipment may be as cheap as chips, but you are guaranteed to spend more on consumables in the long run. This also applies to more expensive devices – for example, the HP Pro 452dw model costs around $ 500 but requires four original cartridges, which you reset for around $ 400.

The official statement is related to its impressive R&D spending (HP spends over $ 1 billion a year!). Nevertheless, customers feel they have been treated unfairly. In layman’s terms, big brands are focused on making money from cartridges. Meanwhile, the competition offers high yields, certified quality, extensive guarantees and other advantages for all common models at relatively low costs.

Discover compatible cartridges to shop smartly

These items are designed and manufactured by independent manufacturers and will fit certain printer models from well-known brands. Not every compatible cartridge works like the original product. To find reliable generic drugs, look out for quality certificates, money-back guarantees, and customer feedback. Check websites like Trustpilot before buying anything online. The optimal service package includes:

  • Quality certificates that confirm compliance with standards such as CE or ISO;
  • A money-back guarantee (2 years is an optimal period for most products);
  • High page yield;
  • The latest version of the cartridge chip (this ensures instant detection);
  • Ink level tracking (so you can be informed in advance of low ink levels);
  • Free Shipping;
  • Reliable packaging to avoid transport damage;
  • 24/7 customer support.

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