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Which erasable pens are the best?

There are erasable pens for those who want to be able to fix a mistake without having to use pencil lead as writing material. Erasable pens allow users to make mistakes while writing with ink and erase the mistake cleanly as if it were a pencil. Erasable pens are inexpensive and allow users to correct a mistake in writing different colors if they wish. Before purchasing an erasable pen, consider its retractable characteristics, the width of the nib, and the color of the ink.

If you’re looking for an erasable pen that writes fluently, comes in a variety of colors, and has a fine, precise tip, Pilot Frixion Clicker erasable fine tip pens are the first choice.

What you should know before buying an erasable pen


ink pens Erasers with this function are usually made retractable. This means no cap is required to keep the pen from drying out and the pen retracts on its own. This feature is more convenient as users don’t have to keep an eye on a cap and the ink lasts longer. Erasable pens that are retractable are made with erasers that can be clicked on, or plastic attachments on the side of the pen that also allow the pen to be easily attached to other items.


Consider a fine-tipped erasable pen if you want to write thinner and more precisely. The width of the nib is given in the product description and gives an indication of how the ink is applied to the paper. If the pen has a fine point, it creates thin lines of ink and it is easier to control the flow of ink. For those who like ultra-fine writing, there are extra-fine-tipped pens that give the user even more control over the ink. When a pen has a medium nib, more ink comes out when the pen is used. This ink may be more visible to those with vision problems, but it may also be more difficult to prevent ink stains.


Erasable pens come in many different colors. While some colors are easier to erase than others, it’s important to have color options available depending on how you plan to use the pen. Some standardized tests call for a specific pen color, while those writing personal letters may prefer a variety of colors.

What to look for in a quality erasable pen


The best erasable pens offer the option to purchase cartridges to refill the pen so it can be used multiple times. Not only does this save on single-use plastic, but over time it also makes it cheaper for the user to buy ink refills instead of more pens. If a pen is refillable, this will be noted in the product description.


Quality erasable pen ink should show on first use. Pens that don’t produce a steady flow of ink aren’t particularly useful. Regardless of the width of the nib, an erasable pen should transfer clean and vibrant ink to paper. Erasable pen ink that disappears in a short time may need to be traced and the writing will not look as smooth as desired.

Clean erase

Eraser pens should be able to erase any traces of ink left on a piece of paper. Erasable pens designed with quality erasers have no problem erasing any signs of ink, while those made with faulty erasers can leave smudges or smudges that prevent writing from looking professional.

How much you can spend on an erasable pen

Erasable pens range from $4 to $15, depending on how many pens are in a pack and whether the pens come with convenient writing features. Retractable pens with smooth gel ink and those that come in packs of multiple pens cost more.

Frequently asked questions about the erasable pen

What erasers are used to erase ink?

A Erasers used to erase ink can be similar to erasers used to erase pencils, but require a rougher texture to remove all of the ink. Some erasers are made of vulcanized rubber, while others are made of volcanic rubble or vinyl to give them more grip when erasing ink.

Why does erasable ink lighten over time?

A The erasable ink that you use to write on paper will lighten over time when subjected to friction. Actions such as rubbing gum and other substances on the ink, and rubbing two pieces of paper together increase friction, which generates heat and allows the ink to disappear.

What are the best erasable pens to buy?

Top erasable pen

Pilot Frixion Clicker erasable fine tip pens

What you need to know: These ink sticks come in different quantities and colors. They are sold in a variety of erasable gel and pen ink pens and feature a fine point.

What you will love: These pens are retractable, allowing users to press down fully and write and still erase as if the page had never been written on. The gel ink allows the pen to write and erase cleanly, and the item is refillable. This pen also features a grip for users to have a better grip on the pen when writing and erasing.

What you should consider: The ink fades away over time before the user erases the ink and they dry out quickly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Great erasable pen for the money

Papermate Eraser Mate ballpoint pen

Paper Mate EraserMate ballpoint pen

What you need to know: These pens come in a pack of five and are made with blue ink. They have a medium point and can be erased cleanly after the ink has dried.

What you will love: Known to write fluently at all angles, this pen can be used in multiple settings. These pens are sold in different colors for the same price.

What you should consider: The ink that is released from the pen sometimes does not come out smoothly and the ink is sometimes too light to see. Some users complain that you have to write extremely lightly for the pen to erase. The ink on the pen can bubble and cause ink blots when you write.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

It’s worth trying

Vitoler retractable erasable gel pens

Vitoler retractable erasable gel pens

What you need to know: These pens are retractable to prevent the pen from drying out and come with an eraser. The pack contains five blue and five black pens.

What you will love: These pens are designed with fine tips for more precise writing and don’t bleed. The ink is non-toxic and acid-free and erases gently. These pens can be used for a variety of writing tasks and feature a side clicker to retract the stylus. They feature a comfortable grip design and are refillable.

What you should consider: This ink completely disappears when in contact with heat and is not durable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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