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Which invisible ink pens are the best?

Spies and conspiracies have used invisible ink to send messages for thousands of years. In this day and age, invisible ink pens are an excellent way for adults to discreetly mark items in their workplace, and a great toy for kids who want to play subterfuge.

That SCStyle invisible ink pen Set is a perfect gift for large groups of children. Other invisible ink pen products may have designs, UV light or ink tints that better suit the specific needs of particular buyers.

What you should know before buying an invisible ink pen

How UV Invisible Ink Pens Work

UV invisible ink pens and markers contain a special type of ink made from naturally fluorescent chemicals or organic compounds. When you shine a UV light on a message or drawing created with invisible ink, the electrons in the ink’s fluorescent molecules become excited and briefly switch to a higher-energy orbit around their nuclei. When these electrons return to their normal orbit, the absorbed energy is expelled in the form of visible light.

Accessory that goes well with pens with invisible ink

If you are planning to give pens with invisible ink to friends or family members, it is also good to give them something to write on. Small notebooks and journals pair well with invisible ink pens, allowing people to fill page after page with secret messages and doodles. Sturdy UV flashlights are another good accessory to buy alongside invisible ink pens when the UV lamps packaged with the pens aren’t enough.

How to make your own invisible inks

You can use many naturally occurring substances to make your own invisible ink, some of which you can find in your own kitchen pantry. Lemon juice, baking soda, white wine, and soapy water can all be used to create invisible ink that becomes permanently visible with heat. Vinegar and ammonia are two transparent substances that become visible when exposed to red cabbage water. Diluted detergent, spit, and vitamin B-12 dissolved in vinegar can be used to create invisible ink that becomes visible through the glow of ultraviolet light.

What to look out for in a quality invisible ink pen

Ink that is washable and non-toxic

Many invisible Ink pen products are marketed to children as cool accessories for parties, schools and imaginative play. So always make sure that the pens you buy use invisible ink that is non-toxic and easily washes off clothes, walls, skin and other surfaces that young children like to draw on.

Batteries that can be easily replaced

Today, most invisible ink pens come with small ultraviolet lights built into their caps, pen lights powered by small, button-shaped battery cells. If you want to buy a pen with UV invisible ink that you can use for a long time, try looking for a model that runs on button cell batteries, which are easy to find in stores, or order online.

Ink cartridges that don’t run out that quickly

If you regularly use invisible ink pens, it’s generally good to look for pens with a high ink capacity or the ability to be refilled. Alternatively, buy a large pack of cheap invisible ink pens in bulk so you don’t have to rely on individual pens.

How much you can spend on pens with invisible ink

Large packs of invisible ink sticks are around $20, while smaller packs are $10 or less.

Frequently asked questions about the invisible ink pen

When was invisible ink first used to write secret messages?

A Evidence of invisible ink can be found in Greek military treatises and historical accounts dating back to the 4th century BC. dating back. Many early invisible ink recipes involve mixing two chemicals to reveal a message. For example, pouring ferrous sulfate over an invisible message written in gallnut ink.

Are Modern Intelligence Agencies Using UV-Sensitive Invisible Ink?

A Many modern day spies and intelligence experts frown upon the use of invisible ink messages that you can reveal through ultraviolet light, not least because UV flashlights are so ubiquitous in this modern age. Some say the ideal invisible ink for secret messages should be completely odorless and only reveal itself when exposed to very, very specific conditions.

What are the best invisible ink pens to buy?

Top invisible ink pens

SCStyle invisible ink pen

What you need to know: This pack of 28 invisible ink pens makes a great group gift for kids at school or parties.

What you will love: Each of the 28 invisible ink pens in this pack is equipped with UV light built into their caps. The permanent, washable, invisible ink in the pens disappears soon after use to write words and reappears when exposed to UV light.

What you should consider: The bodies of these invisible ink pens come in a variety of colors, but the color of the ink itself is consistent.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top invisible ink pens for the money

FLYOME 4-pack of invisible ink pens

FLYOME 4-pack of invisible ink pens

What you need to know: This small pack of invisible ink pens makes a fun, affordable gift for parties and holiday events, especially for kids who enjoy playing spy or detective games.

What you will love: The UV lights in the sleeves of these invisible ink pens are powered by three LR44 button batteries. The UV sensitive ink in each pen can write messages and sketch images on paper and skin.

What you should consider: According to some customers, the battery power and the ink in each pen quickly run out after regular use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

It’s worth trying

VOVRU Invisible Ink Pen

VOVRU Invisible Ink Pen

What you need to know: The 24 pens in this invisible ink pen pack each come in their own invisible packaging, making them a great gift to give out to large groups of children.

What you will love: The packaging of these UV-sensitive pens with invisible ink is aimed at children who want to play “detective” and “spy” games together by exchanging hidden messages.

What you should consider: The batteries installed in the UV light covers of these pens are product specific and it is difficult to find replacements for this product.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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