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Brenda Cobb from PCS Bundaberg has been running the business for 24 years.

Local Brenda Cobb founded PCS in Bundaberg 24 years ago and refilled more than half a million printer cartridges.

Brenda has been a driving force in the game of recycling for more than two decades, and says her passion has many benefits.

“I introduced PCS soon after inkjet printing created a quieter printing option over the noisy dot matrix printers,” she said.

“We refill inkjet and toner cartridges and also carry a large selection of new, original and generic cartridges.

“Refilling cartridges saves our customers many dollars over buying new cartridges and saves tons of plastic and metal that goes to landfill.”

Brenda said that as part of their recycling initiative, PCS also reused all of each customer’s packaging along with their empty toner cartridges.

“This includes cardboard boxes, packaging airbags and protective sleeves for transporting cartridges,” she said.

“This year alone we refilled 576 cartridges.”

Brenda said the number of cartridges PCS had refilled over 24 years of operation was now 504,231.

She said the massive number brought with it some pretty impressive numbers.

“The breakdown of savings for our customers is over $ 19,580,930 over 24 years,” she said.

“I’m really proud of that.

“I love serving our many loyal customers, some of whom have been with us for 24 years.”

Brenda said the process of recycling printer cartridges has changed over the years because some manufacturers did not allow their products to be refilled.

“Unfortunately, we can no longer refill all of the inkjet and toner cartridges and have had to resort to selling generic cartridges,” she said.

“Many of the printer manufacturers are now using software or chips to ensure that refilled cartridges are not accepted in their printers.”

This didn’t deter Brenda, who said she was working with suppliers to find other solutions that would benefit her customers and the environment.

“While our ink and toner suppliers work tirelessly to find a workaround and obtain chip resetters or replacement chips, we encourage those who want to refill to contact us for advice on purchasing a printer “, she said.

Visit PCS Bundaberg’s Facebook page here.

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