Bridgepayday has been renamed to Kashpilot

In order to better serve its customers, has changed its name to KashPilot strives to provide consumers with a fast, easy, and convenient way to get quick online loans. With over seven years of experience in the payday loan industry, KashPilot is well positioned to offer borrowers competitive interest rates and outstanding customer service.

Borrowers can still apply for online loans in minutes and get money straight to their bank account within 1 business day. No documents need to be faxed or a credit check performed. The company offers payday loans and installment loans, among others. KashPilot includes clear and concise loan terms so borrowers know exactly what they are agreeing to.

In order to make KashPilot the ideal credit connection service of the future, the company is in full swing. Co-founders Usman Konst and Holly Wayne Jackson came up with this name to continue dominating the lending industry. Usman is CEO of KashPilot, formerly BridgePayday, and a seasoned professional in the lending industry. With the sole purpose of helping borrowers find reputable lenders, Usman has assembled the best professionals in the industry to ensure borrowers receive the best lending services. The website has also been redesigned with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation.

Kashpilot editorial team strives to provide accurate, thorough and helpful content that motivates and helps all readers. Their current editorial standards and guidelines serve as a framework for how they receive information, report on it, write about it, and edit their stories. The Company follows a thorough fact-checking process and promptly corrects inaccuracies. A key feature is editorial impartiality. Business partners, whether internal or external, have no say in Kashpilot editorial advice, suggestions, or product reviews.

Kashpilot will continue to welcome experiences and viewpoints that help them connect with their readers, respond to their inquiries, and earn their trust.

You are able to lend in all states that allow payday loans. This work is made easier by the fact that the company operates online and its program has many lenders in every state.

Kashpilot also consolidates payday loans. If you owe too much money or have taken out too many loans, you should use this service. By paying off your obligations over a longer period of time with fewer payments, this program aims to lower your interest costs.

media contact
Name of the company: KashPilot loans
Interlocutor: Usmann Konst
E-mail: Send e-mail
Phone: 800-522-9222
Address:111 W. 10th Street
City: Kansas City
Federal State: MO 64105
Country: United States

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