Canon is suing for disabling the all-in-one printer when it runs out of ink


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A customer fed up with tyranny from Home printer is Sue Canon for disabling multiple features on an all-in-one printer when it works Ink empty.

Consumer pRinter manufacturer have long been using the razor blade business model – so named after companies that sell razor blades for cheap but the compatible replacement blades at much higher prices. Printers that look impressive Home color printing is surprisingly cheap, but that’s because most of the profit comes from the overpriced replacement ink cartridges. In most cases, when a single color cartridge runs low, the software will completely disable these home printers, forcing the owners continue to buy replacements even if they just want to print in black.and-white text.

The advent of devices like smartphones and even social media has made sharing photos digitally much easier, which means consumers are printing fewer and fewer photos. That has affected the profitability of the home printerwhich has led companies like Epson to adopt printers (its EcoTank range) that are much cheaper, easier to refill, and don’t shut down completely when an ink type runs out. But not every printer manufacturer goes this way, as David Leacraft found out.

Leacraft, which in a. is named as the plaintiff C.let-aAction cComplaint against Canon filed in a US Federal Court in New York found last week that their Canon Pixma MG6320 all-in-one printer stopped scanning or faxing documents when it ran out of ink, even though none of these features required printing at all. Corresponding Beeping computer, is an issue that dates back at least as long as 2016, when other customers reported the same issue to Canon via the company’s online forums and were told by the company’s support staff that all of the ink cartridges must be installed and contain ink to use all the ink cartridges. Features of the printer.

The complaint indicates that Canon advertises its all-in-one printers with several different functions, including printing, copying, scanning and sometimes even faxing. but without warning that these characteristics depend on sufficient amounts of ink being available.

“Canon does not represent or warn consumers that ink is a necessary component in order to scan or fax documents. As a result, consumers are forced to take on unexpected and unnecessary burdens and costs in the form of ink purchases or, alternatively, not to scan or fax documents with the so-called all-in-one device, ”says the complaint. It also states: “There is no reason or no technical basis for making all-in-one printers with an ink level detection feature that will cause the scanner to stop working when the ink is low or empty. Canon designed the all-in-one printers so whether or not consumers want to print, they need to keep ink in their devices. The result is an increase in ink sales from which Canon makes significant profits. “

We have reached out to Canon for a comment on the lawsuit and will update it if we hear anything.

The CGirl-aAction complaint, with more than 100 members, is demanding at least $ 5,000,000, is filing a lawsuit, and identifying well over 20 models of Canon all-in-one printers that exhibit this problematic behavior. Depending on the result and whether the courts allow it to continue, Anyone who has purchased one of the aforementioned all-in-one Canon models is eligible for compensation.

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