Clover Imaging Group Receives Recognition From Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC)


Case study on environmentally friendly alternatives to disposable printer cartridges receives coveted recognition as an outstanding case study

Chicago, Illinois – Clover Imaging Group (Clover Imaging), a global leader in printing and imaging solutions, was recently recognized by the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) for its case study on the sustainability of remanufactured printer cartridges. SPLC’s annual awards recognize companies that are leaders in innovative procurement strategies and have a firm commitment to sustainability.

Clover Imaging’s study outlined how the company’s short- and long-term corporate sustainability goals are supported by strategies and actions built on the principles of a circular economy methodology to reduce environmental impact at every stage of the supply chain.

Through problem solving and accountability, Clover Imaging’s innovative business practices have resulted in several targeted solutions that go beyond the obvious environmental benefits of the product itself, including reducing packaging, recycling cartridges through collection programs, and offsetting paper use through reforestation efforts.

Eric Martin, President of the Clover Imaging Group, was pleased to be added to the 2020 Leadership Awards lineup. that support a circular economy, and our commitment to continuous sustainability improvements. “

He also finds that Clover Imaging’s remanufactured cartridges use 44% fewer natural resources, 51% less environmental impact, and overall use 79% less material than single-use printer cartridges.

Clover Imaging is committed to raising sustainability standards and providing its customers not only with the highest quality products, but also innovative ways to increase and document their own sustainability efforts.

About Clover Imaging Group

The Clover Imaging Group is focused on sustainable innovation and offers independent distributors, OEMs and retailers a complete imaging and solutions platform. Clover’s broad offering of products and services includes award-winning remanufactured printer cartridges and parts, a comprehensive suite of managed print and technology services, and unparalleled marketing and sales support. Far from its beginnings as an ink and toner processor, Clover has grown into a global company backed by world-class development, manufacturing and sales infrastructure. These extensive capabilities enable Clover to offer a level of partnership unmatched in the aftermarket imaging arena. For more information on clover, see

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