Delta 8 disposable pen vs. cartridges: how do you choose between the two?

Delta 8 disposable pen vs. cartridges: how do you choose between the two?

By cbr – May 26, 2022

Delta 8 THC (D8), the fastest growing cannabis product.

Users were able to access federally legal THC in just a year. There are many ways to get D8. No wonder Delta 8 vaporizers are very popular. You are my favorite vape guy!

Due to the wide variety of vapes available, choosing the right vape can be a challenge. Do not worry! We show you what to look for in a D8 cartridge and vape.

Both cartridges and disposable Delta 8 vapes are available. Choose whichever you prefer from the two options.

They only use hemp extracts and terpenes that are of high quality in their products. They also have hybrid and sativa strains. Compatible vape devices are sold above if you don’t own one.

Delta 8 cartridges versus disposable pens

Delta 8 vapes come in two forms: cartridges and disposable pens. You can choose between disposables or cartridges. It all depends on your preferences. Those are the differences.

Delta 8 cartridges

The cartridges contain the Delta 8. To use the cartridges, attach them to compatible vaping devices. Using cartridges saves you cash as you don’t need to buy a brand new device, you need to buy a cartridge.

Delta 8 disposable pen

Another option is to buy one Delta 8 disposable pen. These vape pens come pre-loaded and ready to use. These vape pens already have the Delta 8, so you don’t have to buy a separate cartridge. You can throw away the pen and buy a new one after the substance has evaporated.

Find the right Delta 8 vape for your needs

Let’s get down to business! What should you look for in a D8 vape pen?

natural ingredients

The Delta 8 Vapes have many ingredients to ensure a quality vaping experience. It is not uncommon to find synthetic ingredients in vaporizers. Before you buy a vape, be sure to read the ingredients.

Your product could contain harmful ingredients, especially if hemp has undergone solvent extraction. To ensure safe extraction, contact the company for CO2 and distillation.

Also make sure the vape only contains Delta 8 THC and not Delta 9. Each reliable D8 company issues a Certificate of Analysis (COA) documenting results from third-party labs.


Delta 8 is growing in popularity as brands start cultivating their cannabis strains. There are three main types of cannabis strains: indica, sativa, and hybrid. Indica strains produce more energy, while indica strains relax. Hybrid strains fall somewhere in between, offering a relaxing high without side effects like couchlock.

When purchasing Delta 8, it helps to know which strain you prefer. If you’re not sure, go for a hybrid.


Online you might find that Delta 8 is crystal clear. It’s a myth! The pink color of Delta 8 is natural. Some varieties can also appear amber or even yellow. My vape is now a purple hue, but I’m using the Raspberry Kush strain (my vape contains hemp extract and other terpenes).

Some brands bleach their products to make them look duller. It would be best to be careful when purchasing a vape that is not colorless. Contact the brand for confirmation.

How do I store my vape?

Because vaporizers aren’t food safe, you don’t have to worry about storing them properly. However, you should use the following best practices. It should be protected from direct sunlight and heat. This leads to a reduction in vapor quality.

It’s best to leave them inside. You can store them in a closet or drawer. Don’t carry it in your pocket or purse if your vape will be exposed to heat and prolonged outside air.

Delta 8 Vapes: Where to Find Them?

Due to the different legalities, it is best to buy vapes from a reputable online retailer such as Wild Orchard Co. All Delta 8 products can be found at Wild Orchard Hemp. Wild Orchard Co. products are manufactured to the highest standards. They are formulated with natural ingredients and made in the USA. They use no preservatives or artificial ingredients, their quality control processes are second to none.

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