Epson launches EcoTank Home Office Printer, an advanced printer for your home »EFTM

Epson is one of the most famous printer brands and has launched a more advanced EcoTank home office printer range after their new EcoTank home printers.

The term EcoTank is used by Epson because they don’t use ink cartridges in their printers, but instead use a refillable tank that can be refilled with replacement ink bottles that are larger than the standard ink cartridges. As expected, this helps reduce the amount of waste products produced.

The new product line comprises four models – the ET-2811, ET-3800, ET-4800 and the ET-4850 – and all are “high-performance multifunctional models” and are in the mid-price segment. The additional features they offer include a high resolution flatbed scanner, color display and wireless connectivity.

Not only does the new line of products offer much more functionality than the standard EcoTank home printers, which are perfect for your children’s printing needs at school, but it also supports Epson’s Mart Panel app. The app enables the user to control all of his printing purposes from his iOS or Android smartphone.

Epson EcoTank home office printers hold thousands of pages worth of ink in a box that typically equates to many ink cartridges, so an EcoTank printer saves you landfill. The printers cost anywhere from $ 399 to $ 649, depending on the functionality of the printer:

All models come with a one-year warranty that doubles when you register the printer with Epson. They are now available from Epson website and from authorized Epson dealers. More information can be found on the Epson EcoTank home office printer website.

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