First look: Formula’s prototype Dual Crown Enduro fork and new lightweight brakes


Formula has a new double crown fork in the works, a nameless model that was developed for enduro and e-bike use. While not a new concept, the Italian manufacturer firmly believes that a double crown design is superior to a single crown with long travel for these applications because of the increased precision and steering control.

The challenge was to keep the weight at a reasonable level and to achieve this, Formula uses double butted 35mm stanchions and heavily machined crowns. Of course, the turning radius was a major limitation, so the crowns only use one clamp screw per clamp to minimize any interference with steering. The design weighs 2300g with a target weight of 2270g which would put it in a line or under some other heavy hitting single crown forks on the market.

Formula also took a conservative approach to designing the fork using existing parts such as the slider tubes on Selva and Nero’s Single Crown forks, 2Air technology, and the CTS damper system. As with the current Selva, you can use either Boost axle standard; 15mm or 20mm. Material is also cut away at the axis. A tapered steerer tube is a sign that the clevises and stanchions are designed to distribute loads and save as much weight as possible. The 29 “wheel fork comes first with a 43mm offset, followed by a 27.5” version with a shorter offset of 37mm.

Formula manufacturers most of their parts, such as the enduro double crown crowns, in Italy.

The damper is the same as on the Selva R fork, which is very easy to tune thanks to the Compression Tuning System (CTS). The pre-assembled shim stacks can be quickly changed with minimal tools and without removing the fork from the bike. They adapt the fork to a wide variety of riders who demand different characteristics depending on the region and ability. The rebound melody has been changed slightly from the Selva to be a little more open, but still has a usable range for all weights.
One feature you might not have expected is a lockout switch. Formula chose this function because a 180mm fork has significantly more pedal bob than forks with shorter travel. It is intended for climbs on paved roads, not technical uphill sections.

The fork is scheduled to hit the market in early 2022, a price has yet to be set as the fork is still being refined.

Selva MKII

The flagship Selva R for is replaced by the nickname: Selva MKll. The Single Crown fork, which will be available later this year, will have a new triple tree architecture and the suspension travel will be increased to 170 mm. The updated lightweight axle is also used on this fork. The color of the crown is darker than pictured above

Updated Cura 4 & new Cura X brakes

The Cura 4 brake set will experience a small but powerful update, whereby the lever now has more mechanical advantage and tool-free range and bite point settings. When making new equipment, they think about retrofits and choose not to waste or turn down existing customers. Formula built the lever to have a stronger bite and more modulation, purely mechanical. The hydraulic system remains the same.

The Cura X is said to be a competitive weight cross country brake to deliver serious performance. It uses a 2 piston caliper and has the same feel as the Cura. The lever is made of carbon with titanium hardware and has material removed wherever possible, even including the lever clamp and the back of the brake pads.

Both the new Cura 4 and the Cura X are expected to be released in early 2022, although prices have not yet been set.

All photos courtesy of Roo Fowler and Bike Connection Agency.

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