Fix Canon printer error E05 on Windows PC

the Canon printer error E05 appears mainly when the ink cartridge is dirty, improperly installed, or not compatible with your printer. The contamination is usually due to dried ink that builds up inside the printer when it is not used for a long time. You can fix the E05 error on your Canon printer with simple steps that I am going to show you in this post.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error E05 on Windows PC

Here are the solutions to get rid of E05 error when using your Canon printer. I recommend you apply these solutions in the order I have given.

  1. Reboot the printer.
  2. Factory reset the printer.
  3. Reinsert the cartridge and clean it.
  4. Replace the ink cartridge.

I will explain these solutions in more detail and provide answers to questions you may have regarding this topic.

1]Reboot the printer

The first step in troubleshooting Canon printer error E05 is to reset the printer. With the printer turned on, press and hold Stop for about 5 seconds until the restart begins.

Allow the printer to fully restart and you can now test it again to see if the error persists. If you keep getting the E05 error, continue to the next solution.

2]Factory reset the printer

As with most other devices, a factory reset returns the printer to the default configuration in its original state. Factory resetting your Canon printer will fix the E05 error if it is caused by a misconfiguration. That’s how it’s done:

Turn on your Canon printer and go to the menu bar option. Go with the arrow keys settings menu.

Next, navigate to device settings and then press the OK Button. Finally choose the Reset to default option and click OK.

Give the printer a moment to complete the factory reset and see if that resolves the issue.

3]Reinstall the cartridge and clean it

The cartridge is responsible for reading the instructions sent to the printer. Whether you use your printer frequently or occasionally, particles can build up in it and cause the error you are now experiencing. It is recommended to clean the ink cartridge regularly to avoid such problems.

To clean the ink cartridge of your Canon printer, turn off the printer, place it on a flat surface and open the printer’s lid. Here you will install an ink cartridge. Simultaneously press the two click locks on the side of the cartridge holder with your fingers. This will allow the ink cartridge to come out easily.

Next, examine the ink cartridge for signs of dirt, dried ink, dust, or debris that could clog the cartridge. Clean the gold metal strip on the front of the cartridges with a lint free material or soft cloth and remove any blocking particles.

After removing the particles, you can now reinsert the previously removed ink cartridges and restart the printer.

4]Replace the ink cartridge

Replacing the ink cartridge of your Canon printer is another way to fix the E05 error. This is because you may be using the wrong ink cartridge or the installed one is damaged.

When all other solutions fail, you will need to visit an electronics store and purchase new ink cartridges for your printer.

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What Does Canon Printer Error Code E05 Mean?

The E05 error code that you encounter with your Canon printer occurs when the ink cartridge is dirty, incompatible with your printer, or not installed properly.

How do I clean a Canon ink absorber?

Here are the steps to clean your Canon ink absorber:

  1. Disconnect the printer.
  2. Open the printer and make sure the cartridge holder is in the center of the print unit.
  3. Soak the excess ink with a paper napkin or soft material.
  4. Pull the frame away from the printer and remove the ink absorber pad(s) from the frame.
  5. Replace the ink absorbing pads and close the printer.

How do I get rid of errors on my Canon printer?

A simple reset is the first step in troubleshooting your Canon printer. To do this, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. This button could be named stop Reset, or Continuedepending on the printer model.

Canon printer error E05

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