Fossil Cactus Leather Totes Latest vegan bags on the market


From now on there are vegan bags made of fossil cactus leather.

The fashion watch and accessories brand Fossil launched its vegan tote bags online on April 12th to celebrate Earth Month.

Fossil created the collection – Kier Cactus Leather Totes – in collaboration with Desserto. The Mexico-based company was founded in 2019. It manufactures its sustainable, vegan leather – made from organically grown cactus leaves – for use in the fashion, automotive, aviation, furniture and shoe industries.

“After seeing firsthand the environmental impact of tanneries, we have endeavored to create a vegan alternative that leaves a smaller footprint while meeting our strict quality standards.” Marte Cázarez, co-founder of Desserto, said in a press release.

The launch of the vegan cactus leather collection follows Fossil’s 2019 commitment to sustainability. As part of its Make Time For Good initiative, the company has committed to a number of pro-planetary guidelines, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent and reducing overall water consumption.

The Kier Cactus Leather Totes collection will have four color options: moss, wine, black and brown.

Cactus leather is more sustainable than other vegan options and animal leather | fossil

Fossilized cactus leather

Leather is made by tanning animal hides, mostly cows. In the USA, the majority of leather is chrome-tanned. The process is incredibly harmful to the environment as it uses toxic chemicals like chromium salts and tanning liquor.

According to the environmental protection agency, chrome is a “dangerous” air pollutant. But the chrome tanning process is not only harmful to the environment – it releases toxic chemicals into the aquatic environment – it is also harmful to the workers employed in industry.

And not all vegan leathers are environmentally friendly. Most vegan leather available in stores is made from polyurethane (PU), a type of plastic. The vegan cactus leather is a more sustainable option compared to cowhide and plastic-based leather.

According to Desserto, the production of his cactus leather requires far fewer resources. The cactus plants only need rainwater and natural minerals to grow. As a result, each Kier carrier bag saves approx. 7.5 liters of water. This corresponds to about 15,500 milliliters of water bottles.

Cactus is also a natural carbon sink – it has the ability to store carbon dioxide. “We can absorb 8,100 tons of CO2 / year, while on the farm we only generate 15.30 tons of CO2 annually.” stated the company on its website.

“Since the worldwide introduction of Desserto cactus leather in 2019, we have further developed our materials and sustainable processes and informed others about our materials and sustainable processes.” Adrián López Velarde, co-founder of Desserto, explained. “Today we are proud to work with brands like Fossil who share the vision of reducing their environmental footprint by using environmentally friendly materials.”

The Fossil Kier Sustainable Tote is now available online. For a full guide to vegan leather, click here.

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