Game Boy, GBA and GB color games can be played on PC with GB operator


Retro gaming company Epilogue releases GB Operator, an adapter that allows users to play Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games on PC.

Retro gaming company Epilogue has announced GB Operator, a product that allows a user’s PC to run the original Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games. The peripheral allows gamers to play and manage their cartridge collection on new hardware, running the application on Windows, Mac and Linux. The adapter offers modern possibilities to play older games while using the original cartridges.

Without Game Boy emulators, it’s harder than ever to play Game Boy games. Those with cartridge collections may find it difficult to play them outside of the original hardware for which they were intended. Game Boy and Game Boy Color games are not compatible with devices newer than the 2003 Game Boy Advance SP. DS and DS Lite consoles can play Game Boy Advance games, but DSi, DSi XL, and 3DS cannot. Thanks to Nintendo’s Virtual Console, some of these older handheld titles can be played over newer DS systems and over Wii U, but the Switch does not currently offer the ability to play older Game Boy games. Nintendo Switch Online memberships give gamers access to NES and SNES titles, but while gamers may want to watch GBA games on Nintendo Switch, there is still no move from Nintendo.

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As discovered by Rating Geek (above NintendoLife) Epilogue’s new GB Operator Adapter will enable PCs to support Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance game cartridges. It uses mGBA as its core emulator, which means controllers are also supported, although gamers can use alternative emulators if they prefer. Original cheats can also be accessed, and thanks to a constantly updated memory file, players can switch from the PC to the original hardware without losing any data. For game developers, GB Operator even offers a system that writes games to empty Game Boy cartridges, which means developers can easily transfer their own games and play them on original Game Boy hardware. Anyone with a large collection of Game Boy games will appreciate the adapter’s counterfeit detection, which warns users when they have inserted a counterfeit cartridge. In addition to games, GB Operator even supports the Game Boy Camera, which allows you to upload your 16KP images quickly.

Game Boy games are playable on the PC with GB Operator

Retro gaming fans looking to pick up their own UK operator can order one direct from Epilogue for $ 49.99 plus shipping. Note, however, that the adapters will not be shipped until August. The company is dedicated to preserving video game history, which becomes more valuable as gaming advances into a fully digital future. Sony is slowly withdrawing PlayStation Vita support, with messaging functionality and previous messages being deleted starting June 28th. Earlier this year, the company announced plans to close the PSP, PS Vita, and PS3 storefronts, a decision that was quickly reversed after outrage from quickly fans.

Digital sales have increased during the coronavirus pandemic as fewer people leave their homes to make purchases, while businesses face shipping and manufacturing issues at the same time. The surge has fueled concerns that physical gaming may disappear in the future. Buying digital games is undoubtedly easier, but they can be more expensive to buy, unsold, and not proudly displayed on player shelves. There are also property concerns when it comes to digital purchases versus physical purchases. Digital game sales peaked in November 2020, which means physical discs are on the way. With so much concern about video game preservation, Nintendo Fans can at least enjoy their Game Boy games with GB Operator.

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Source: Epilog (via NintendoLife, ReviewGeek)

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