Game Boy style analog bag release date delayed


Analogue Pocket pre-orders have faced another unexpected delay and it may take several months to finally ship.

analog pocket marked in white

Analogue, the company behind popular aftermarket gaming hardware like Super NT and Mega SG, has unfortunately found a hurdle in selling the Analogue portable pocket system. Those who have pre-ordered may have to wait several months before the system ships.

The Analogue Pocket is a system designed like a sleek, modern Game Boy. It uses FPGA hardware to achieve the best possible compatibility with original cartridges and has a wide range of adapters to play games from other systems on it.

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Originally it was believed that the ship stuck in the Suez Canal was to blame, but an official statement on the Analogue support website shows that the real cause lies deeper. The Ever Given may still be involved in some way, but the current biggest deadlock is new COVID-19 restrictions on assembly partners involved in building the system. Companies are unable to meet the original offers, so the device will not ship to general consumers as planned and will not ship until December.

Analog bag

While the delays can be frustrating for customers, they are ultimately for the best. COVID-19 remains a global threat and while the restrictions put in place are irritating, they ultimately benefit everyone. The devices are still shipping at some point, and the industry is regularly faced with much worse delays. December only has a few months left and Analogue plans to replenish the pocket as soon as the holiday season ends.

Aftermarket hardware is becoming more common as older systems begin to deteriorate as they age; From scratches to screen rot, there are many issues that can negatively affect the gaming experience when playing handheld games on original hardware. There are official solutions to play some parts of classic game libraries on modern devices, but solutions like the classic collections from Nintendo Switch Online are often restricted by licenses and cannot play the original cartridges due to a lack of hardware compatibility. Many aftermarket devices rely on emulation or legally questionable hardware cloning, while analog devices use FPGA technology to create hardware that is compatible with the original cartridges, which can then be output to modern displays without a converter.

The Analogue Pocket was previously delayed due to component shortages, but now that the units are in production, further delays seem unlikely. While it is possible that further COVID restrictions will prevent shipping in the future, buyers can likely expect the units to arrive as currently promised given the completion of manufacturing.

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