Gaming memorabilia collect dust in your home that could be worth a fortune



Playing memorabilia that is gathering dust in your attic or under the stairs could be worth a fortune.

The researchers at have compiled a list of the most valuable items in video game history that could result in significant profits if resold.

From retro consoles to figurines, there are hundreds of collectibles that can be worth some cash, many of which can be found in car boots sales or even in crowded loft spaces.

Iconic brands and characters often have a higher resale value, however some unique pieces may randomly increase demand due to trending behavior.

Some games themselves are becoming increasingly rare, and this means collectors will have to pay a pretty penny if they want their hands on exclusive copies

A spokesman for said, “Rare game memories are likely hiding in homes across the country without people knowing.

“It is a keen eye to separate the garbage from the treasure, but usually special editions or discontinued items are key qualities to look out for.

“In the past few years, reselling rare in-game items has become very lucrative and a great way to make extra money.”

Retro game cartridges

Finding old game cartridges on car boots, resale websites, and even at home is a great way to make money. The trick is often simple – the older the game, the rarer it is and the more expensive it has become. When looking for old game cartridges, try looking for exclusive loaner equipment.

In the nineties, many publishers tested exclusive rental properties in order to generate more profit. This meant you could rent a game for the weekend and pay a fraction of the price.

Loan cartridges are hard to find in respectable condition, but if you find The Flintstones: The Surprise At Dinosaur Park, for example, you could expect a resale value of around £ 4,500.


Similar to characters from pop culture, game characters can also make a significant profit. Many characters related to the video game sphere are often part of a specific release of a particular game. Some buyers of the critically acclaimed Playstation smash The Last of Us received a collector’s edition appropriately named “Post-Pandemic”.

This game contained not only a steel bookcase, comic book and some other exclusive content, but also a character of Joel and Ellie – the main characters.

With unopened copies of this particular edition averaging around £ 1,000 online, the figure alone is worth hundreds of pounds.

One-time consoles

It wasn’t uncommon for large video game companies like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft to make consoles in very limited quantities for special occasions.

For example, the PS1 10 Million Edition was released as a celebration of the sale of ten million PS1 consoles.

The only key difference between this and the standard PS1 edition is that it comes in navy blue rather than the iconic gray. They currently sell on eBay for over £ 5,000.

Game magazines

Although gaming magazines are generally of less value – largely due to their mass production – there are still some issues to look out for that may be worth a fortune.

Lots of people also tend to donate or throw away old game magazines because they don’t think they’re worth anything. Recording whole batches of small batches is the best way to make a profit. A full collection of game magazines is usually worth £ 20 to £ 100. If you can take the time to look for them, it can certainly pay off.


Most consoles old and new come with standard controllers that are not worth much. However, some of the darker games have dedicated controllers that are only compatible with this game and that is where the money lies.

Popular titles like Guitar Hero don’t give you much profit these days even if you have all of the instruments. NubyTech once developed a life-size chainsaw controller for Resident Evil 4 to create an immersive experience.

This particular controller is currently selling online for around £ 200. So if you happen to have a chainsaw controller over the house, it can be worth a decent amount


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