Get in the groove with high-quality monolith belt-drive turntables from Monoprice

Featuring state-of-the-art Audio-Technica® cartridges, aluminum platters, carbon fiber tonearms, and USB and Bluetooth connectivity, these turntables bring LPs and 45s into the modern age

BREA, California., February 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — monolith, the high-performance audio brand from mono price, announced three new belt-drive turntables packed with premium components and innovative features at an affordable price. Featuring Audio–Technica® cartridges, aluminum platters, carbon fiber tonearms, and adjustable counterbalance and anti-skating settings, these turntables deliver high-fidelity sound for a superior listening experience.

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“With vinyl making a massive comeback, we set out to create a line of turntables capable of capturing the depth, texture and warmth of LP and 45-listen listening without breaking the bank,” he said Hobie Sechrest, head of the Monolith business unit, Monoprice. “Our new premium belt drive turntables are precision engineered and packed with modern features like USB output and Bluetooth connectivity. The combination of outstanding build quality with high-quality components ensures that music is reproduced exactly as the artist intended.

Available now $199.99 At, the new belt drive Monolith turntables offer the latest in performance, connectivity and features including:

Carbon fiber tonearm with adjustable counterweight and anti-skating settings:
These turntables feature a carbon fiber arm that is both lightweight and exceptionally stiff, reducing unwanted vibration for improved sound clarity. Listeners can easily calibrate the tonearm with the counterweight and anti-skating system to ensure the stylus sits perfectly in the vinyl groove. This adjustability minimizes uneven stylus wear, provides excellent L/R channel balance, and delivers the best possible sound from any album.

Audio–Technica® Pickups:
An Audio-Technica® AT-3600L cartridge is preinstalled on the base model turntable. This pickup, which has served as the industry standard for decades, offers excellent value for money and delivers a balanced listening experience with warm bass, smooth mids and clear highs. Two high-end models feature Audio-Technica® AT-VM95E pickups, which feature an elliptical stylus and a powerful output level. This pickup offers excellent channel separation and low distortion for excellent sound quality. The durable, low-resonance body features threaded inserts that allow the cartridge to be mounted to the headshell with just two screws – no nuts required. Talk about an easy setup!

Aluminum plate with belt drive system:
The belt drive mechanism and die-cast aluminum platter reduce vibration for improved audio performance. Sturdy yet lightweight, the platter remains stable during playback, allowing the music to shine through.

A set of connectivity:
All three turntables feature selectable phono and line level outputs, allowing listeners to connect to any line level input on an amplifier or powered speakers. Thanks to integrated Bluetooth®, listeners can easily connect the turntable wirelessly to any Bluetooth-enabled playback device. All three Monolith™ turntables also feature a USB output for direct connection to an external DAC or computer, making them compatible with the popular free, open-source multitrack audio editor and recorder Audacity® for Windows®, macOS® and GNU are. Linux®.

A sleek and stylish design:
The Monolith AT-3600L turntable rocks a sleek gloss black finish that shines across the base of the turntable, while the beautifully machined aluminum speed selector and start/stop buttons provide classy contrast. The turntable equipped with the Monolith AT-VM95E is available in the same gloss black as the AT-3600L model or in a rich walnut finish with anodized black aluminum control knobs. In addition, all three Monolith™ turntables are equipped with a stylish, lightly tinted dust cover.

Monoprice stands behind its products and backs these new turntables with a 1-year replacement warranty. For added security, Monoprice offers a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy.

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