GH tested: Lysol Smart Disinfecting Cleaner


Courtesy Good Housekeeping Art Team / Lysol

Lysol Smart multi-purpose disinfectant spray

Cleaning has always been a priority for people, but even more so after the last year and a half. And while life is slowly starting to look a little like the pre-COVID-19 world, one thing is for sure, cleaning things up is a precaution that comes first. You can’t always control the germs, spills, and more outside of your home, but you can make sure your household surfaces are sanitized for both your own safety and your own safety.

Our GH-tested test of the Lysol Smart Multi-Purpose Cleaner got good marks from our testers as a solid cleaning product that helps you, with the added bonus of sustainable packaging so that you can clean this greasy and sticky dirt, you also meet an environmentally friendly one Choice and help reduce the use of single-use plastic!


  • CLEAN SURFACES WITHOUT ADHESIVES: The testers were impressed with the performance of this disinfectant cleaner. The spray easily cuts grease on glass, removes scratches and stains from painted walls, loosens sticky stains and clears soap scum from a tub.
  • A FRIEND OF THE EARTH: This concentrated cleaning formula is a great way to cut down on single-use plastics as the sustainable packaging can reuse a single bottle of the spray up to 25 times thanks to cleaning cartridge refills sold separately in packs of just 5.00 $ that are simply screwed into the bottle. With this spray you save 75% more plastic than with a normal bottle of Lysol cleaner.
  • SATISFACTORY SCENT: No strong chemical smell here! Thanks to the citrus-like scent of the spray, you don’t have to worry about strong unpleasant smells causing headaches or overwhelming your home.

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