Greg Walters, Inc. publishes the DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem.

12 influences and influencers Outlined and measured in the DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem Model

Oconomowoc, Wi. – Greg Walters, Inc. announces the release of the DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem (DOTPE) Blueprint. The DOTPE identifies 12 influences that shape the customer experience. Examples of influences are OEMs, training companies, infrastructure, software applications, finance, toner suppliers, etc. One or more within each influence influencers compete for relevance and participation in the sales journey. This change of perspective is offered by the current business environment, in which the customer journey will no longer be transactional, but will never end. A strong team of niche players working towards a common goal, with clear and transparent roles, will work together and bring shared and increased value to customers.

“For over a decade we have defined the network of providers and resellers as the ‘Office Technology Landscape’. That view needs to be updated,” Walters said. “In today’s dynamic and turbulent business environment, it’s beneficial to build relationships that go beyond vendors and resellers. Companies that leverage partnership ecosystems drive innovation, maximize efficiencies, and deliver greater value to their customers.”

The group is currently surveying and rating influencers based on 20 data points. The model will highlight and rank relevant companies within each impact, measuring everything from financial viability to their social footprint.

Through the model, resellers can see how existing relationships are evolving and make informed decisions when establishing or revising partnerships. The end user compares their existing or future providers with established standards and KPIs.

Technology resellers and managed IT firms will benefit DOTPE by knowing who to check when forming their specific ecosystem. Potential customers gain insight into the quality and effectiveness of their provider compared to other resellers in the industry.

The DOTC Office Technology Partnership Ecosystem model is available now at and assessment results will be presented throughout the summer.

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