GripHero doubles the APEA Awards 2021 and wins two big titles

UK-based GripHero Ltd, the manufacturer of the world’s only anti-static glove and dispenser dispensers, has won both health, safety and environmental titles in the prestigious Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration (APEA) awards in 2021.

GripHero’s success recognizes and celebrates the latest products and innovative services available at gas stations and in the petroleum market, and is a great endorsement of the Devon-based business founded in 2018. Today GripHero delivers hand protection internationally to petrol stations, which more than 500 million motorists per year.

Winning both the health and safety category and the environmental protection and sustainability award is the double success of a number of titles at the last APEA award ceremony in 2019; when GripHero won both the Environmental Protection and Improvement Award and the Innovation Award.

This year, GripHero received the APEA Health and Safety Performance Award in recognition of the decision to make its hand protection glove dispensers available free of charge at petrol stations around the world in the fight against Covid-19. This resulted in 50,000 free units being shipped worldwide, offering the forecourt fronts optimal hand protection when it is needed most.

The GripHero “Lockdown Initiative”, taken up by petrol stations on five continents, enabled petrol stations on an international level to provide motorists with hand-protection pumps exactly where they needed them, at the nozzle itself. This enabled users to withdraw and Glove ”before coming into contact with gas station equipment; a physical barrier between your hand and surfaces that are touched by hundreds of other drivers, including the fuel pump handles, which are proven to be over 11,000 times dirtier than toilet seats.

By breaking the chain of transmission at the point of contact, GripHero played a key role in protecting the health and wellbeing of petrol station customers throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

GripHero was also recognized for its efforts to drastically reduce CO2 and single-use plastic in the forecourt by introducing its 100% recycled plastic gloves.

The award for environmental protection and sustainability underlines the success of the R100 glove cartridges from GripHero, which are made from 100% recycled plastic with an open circuit. In combination with the single item dispenser from GripHero, which eliminates unnecessary waste and prevents the potential for hand protection leaks into the environment, GripHero has succeeded in reducing CO2 emissions by 94% compared to conventional gloves.

Due to GripHero’s unique design and zero-waste manufacturing techniques, more than 70 million additional standard gloves have been prevented from entering the environment, saving over 120 tons of unnecessary plastic, 25 tons of unnecessary cardboard packaging and 400 tons of CO2 in the world’s carbon footprint.

This “eco option” is now playing a key role in enabling gas stations to improve their environmental performance while significantly reducing the amount of single-use plastics used at gas stations.

Oli Yeo, inventor and managing director of GripHero, commented on the success of GripHero: “The recent APEA awards are a great confirmation of our constant endeavor to help petrol stations protect their customers and the environment. They are the greatest recognition in the industry.

“When the global pandemic emerged, we knew we had a duty to do our part to prevent the spread of Covid-19 at the pump. The free provision of our fuel pumps was the right thing to do and resulted in forecourt protection of over 60 million additional drivers precisely at the point of contact with the fuel nozzle.

“To see both large networks and independent sites update and do what we all know for the public and the environment is very encouraging. It now sets an example so that others can follow. “

Oli Yeo added, “Since 2018 we have worked tirelessly to meet the ever-changing requirements of international courts and laws, and we have put health, safety and the environment at the center of everything we do.

“Our goal is to make petrol stations safe and successful and to create a symbiotic relationship between petrol stations and their customers who feel protected, stay loyal and shop regularly in the store. What is important is that we do this in a way that enables gas stations to protect individuals from viruses, biological hazards, chemicals, carcinogens and disease without putting the climate change agenda at risk. “

Before GripHero was launched, the factor that prevented hand protection from being dispensed in the fuel zone was the possibility of static vapor ignition if a glove was pulled out of a package.

The innovative use of ATEX certified, anti-static material at GripHero eliminates any possibility of such ignition while blocking all static sparks between the driver and fuel equipment. This means that the GripHero fuel dispensers can be placed on the nozzle itself or on flat surfaces in the refueling zone. No other alternative hand protection is permitted in the same way in the refueling zone.

Always innovating, GripHero has just announced its latest breakthrough product with the introduction of the brand new GripHero 2; the smallest and most efficient glove dispenser ever, offering 10% more advertising space than previous models.

The new dispenser is 20% smaller overall and has been redesigned from the ground up taking industry and customer feedback into account to create a leaner, universally compatible, and faster refill solution for global fuel nozzles that reduces glove replacement times by 90%. shortened. . The brand new dispenser design is also available as a surface-mounted device for use on EV chargers, canopy supports and applications outside the forecourt.

To order new GripHero 2 dispensers, call +44 1 837 811 035, email [email protected], or visit

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