Help your customers to quickly identify and control printing costs

Clover’s remote monitoring software gives you the ability to see your customer’s entire printing environment, including output device consumables and service needs. You can choose between three remote monitoring platforms, PrintFleet®, FMAudit® or Print Audit. Deliver actionable business intelligence to your customers with these powerful software platforms, including:

Fulfill deliveries

  • Remotely view customers’ exact consumables: toners, fusers, drums, and maintenance kits
  • Make sure your cartridges are used by keeping the unique serial number on track
    the chip
  • Set custom automatic alerts for low toner levels

Maintenance and repair

  • Set up automated service notifications
  • Set proactive service flags / reminders
  • Asset management and advice

Safe and reliable remote monitoring technology

Clover’s Data Collection Agent (DCA) installs on a single workstation at your customer’s premises in less than 5 minutes. The DCA runs as a Windows® service in the background and collects and transmits critical imaging metrics to Clover’s secure MPS web server. Your customers’ printer information is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through the Clover MPS secure website. No personal or user data is collected with the software; Only the core metrics required to maintain and manage print resources are collected.

-use remanufactured cartridges and help keep our planet healthy for future generations.

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Remanufactured printer cartridges are an environmentally friendly printing solution

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