How to declutter your gaming setup when it looks like a red-hot mess

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If you’re someone who owns multiple consoles or has been gaming for a long time, there’s a high chance you’ve found yourself with a collection of gear and have nowhere to fit everything. You probably own at least two controllers, a variety of headphones, dozens of game cartridges, and way, way too many cables. If your gaming setup is looking cluttered and you’re feeling overwhelmed, there’s a way to make it look more organized.

If you’re a streamer, your Twitch stream background needs to look appealing and reflect your personality. We’re sure you’ve invested in some smart lights and display units, but there’s nothing quite like a couple of controller mounts and docking stations that make it seem like you’ve got it all together.

So if you want to learn how to tidy up your gaming setup and reduce the risk of stumbling over a stray cable, you’ve come to the right place. From a headphone hanger to a cord organizer, we’ve broken down the best ways to declutter your messy setup.

Grab an all-in-one charging station to keep everything together

Image: ElecgearThe easiest (and most useful) way to tidy up your gaming setup is to keep everything together in one space. Of course, it’s not a good idea to just throw all your gaming accessories together and hope for the best. A charging station is the most convenient way to bundle everything.

For example, if you’ve added one of the new galaxy-inspired PS5 DualSense controllers to your collection, you can use this charging station to keep both controllers always ready to use. This way you get a reliable fast charge and you are always ready to switch to multiplayer.

For those of you still using a PS4, you can grab this all-in-one dock for your headphones, controllers, Move Motion joysticks and more. There’s even a built-in fan to efficiently reduce your console’s working temperature during long sessions.

If you own a Nintendo Switch, you should go for this charging station. It can charge up to four Joy-Cons at the same time and accommodates your Nintendo Switch console, giving you a neat way to display all your Switch accessories. However, if you’re running out of space to store your game cartridges, you can upgrade to this charging station from HEATFUN, which acts as a mini shelving unit and also has space to charge two Pro controllers, in addition to your two Joy cons

Mount your TV and controller to save desk or drawer space


If you have permission from your landlord or you can do whatever you want in your house, it might be a good idea to install some wall mounts for your wireless controllers, headphones, and even your TV. This gives you more room on your desk to spread your elbows or use it to work or study when you’re not working.

Mounting your TV is a great way to save floor space, and if you have a low sofa then it’s an ergonomic way to save on your neck. If you spend hours with your neck craned down, you risk getting a bad case of “text neck.” In any case, this TV wall mount is the perfect solution. A TV mount also prevents you from wasting useful storage space on a closet or dresser. If you’re gaming on a PC, why not prop up your screens with this monitor mount?
Another great way to save space is to add a wall hook for your controllers and headphones on the wall. You can install one next to your TV or at the back of your wall if you want to view them while streaming. That way, all of your viewers can admire your controller collection – and there’s certainly been a number of dazzling Xbox and PS4 controllers over the years.

This controller and headphone holder is universally compatible with all platforms. If you enjoy playing virtual reality games with your Oculus, there’s even a dedicated wall mount that can hang both your headset and Rift controllers.

If you want something less permanent or flashy, you can add this headphone and controller hanger that attaches to the edge of your gaming console. A headphone holder is a useful way to maximize your desk space and keep your accessories out of the way when not in use.

Another option is this vertical controller holder, which lets you hang two headphones and two controllers out of the way.

Store your gaming cases in a storage tower close to your gaming setup

Change storage tower
Image: Skywin

If you’re the type of person who likes to collect physical copies of your favorite games, you might be running out of space to keep all those cases and steelbooks you’ve collected over the years.

For starters, you can always grab a cheap card organizer if you want to store your Switch games outside of their cases. Otherwise, a storage tower is the best choice if you want to display your valuable game collection.

This one works best for a Nintendo Switch as it can display up to 10 cases and your dock neatly and keep your controllers in one place. It even has a hidden compartment to store your extra Joy-Cons. If you own a PlayStation, you might appreciate this one, which allows you to hang your headphones on a rack at the top of the storage tower.

While you can store up to 10 games with these two options, if you have up to 24 packs, consider this vertical stand instead.

Familiarize yourself with cable management

The cable management box is a must-have for your gaming setup
Image: Baskiss

The last thing you can do to make your gaming setup look more appealing and less messy is cable management.

Instead of leaving your cords loose on the floor, stick this self-adhesive cord clip organizer to the side of your desk. That way you don’t have to fumble around on the floor to find the right charger for your mouse or phone.

Another easy way to make your desk look less like a rat’s nest is with a cord organizer. If you’re using a power board because you’re running out of available outlets, you can place it in this cable management box, and it hides the Gordian cable knot you use all at once.

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