How to reset an HP printer after it has been refilled with ink


An HP printer is one of the most affordable investments you can make in your home or office. They are famous for their excellent print quality, which HP has built for over 50 years. The company continues to innovate with features like high resolution printing, faster print speeds, and faster wireless connections.

However, HP printers are far from perfect. Although you can refill ink cartridges to save costs, the printer may not recognize them when they are reinstalled. As a result, you can delay important printing work even if you have everything your printer needs.

Fortunately, resetting your printer after it has been refilled will almost always get you back on track. But how can you do it?

This article shows you how to reset HP printers after they have been refilled with ink.

How to reset an HP printer after refilling ink

Refilling HP cartridges is an inevitable task when you own one of their printers. While some cartridges work fine after using a refill, some models require a hard reset. This is because the printer may not recognize the refilled cartridge. Sometimes you even get a “Third-party cartridge detected” error message even though the refilled cartridge is a genuine HP product. That can be pretty frustrating.

If so, resetting your printer should be first on your list of troubleshooting options. And the good thing is, if you’ve replaced HP cartridges with another compatible option from another company, it can still work.

There are two ways to reset your HP printer. Let’s see how each method works.

Tape method

This method covers the cartridge contacts that are used to measure the ink level. The aim is to restore monitoring of the ink level. How to do it:

  1. First, make sure you can see your cartridge’s contacts by flipping them over. Then turn the cartridge over so that the contacts are on the lower side.
  2. Cover the contacts in the upper left corner of your cartridge with a piece of tape.
  3. Now put the cartridge back in the HP printer and immediately print an alignment page. By default, the printer might display a message indicating that the cartridge is having problems. You can ignore this as it will not affect the reset process.
  4. After the alignment is complete, remove the cartridge again but leave the tape in place.
  5. Next, cover the contacts in the upper right corner of your cartridge with tape.
  6. Reinstall the cartridge and continue printing an alignment page. As before, ignore any error messages your printer may display.
  7. Then remove the ink cartridge.
  8. Tape the lower left corner without removing the tape that is already on top of the cassette.
  9. Reinstall the cartridge in the HP printer and print an alignment page again.
  10. Once aligned, remove the cassette and remove any bits of tape on it.
  11. Reinstall the cartridge. Your printer should now indicate that the cartridge is full.

Exchange method

This method uses multiple empty cartridges to clear your printer’s memory. That’s how it’s done:

  1. Insert the refilled ink cartridge into the printer.
  2. Continue to print an alignment page. If the printer displays an error message, ignore it as it does not affect the reset process. At this point, the ink level is still at the pre-fill level.
  3. Safely remove the ink cartridge from your printer.
  4. Take one of your old compatible cartridges and print an alignment page. The printer detects that there is a new cartridge.
  5. Remove the second cartridge.
  6. Install another cartridge from your old inventory, and then print an alignment page. The printer clears the memory of the second cartridge and now recognizes the third cartridge.
  7. Install a fourth cartridge from your old inventory and print an alignment page. The printer clears the memory of the third cartridge and now recognizes the fourth cartridge.
  8. Finally, insert the currently refilled cartridge into the printer and perform the alignment. Your printer will now recognize that the cartridge is full.

For which HP printer models is this suitable?

Problems with refilling cartridges are relatively common. Although some of the latest models may have specific ways to deal with this, these reset methods work well on both the old and new generation HP printer models.

Low ink is a situation that can be worrying for any HP printer owner if they do not have a replacement available. Even more frustrating is not being able to use a full cartridge because the printer does not recognize it. However, a hard reset using one of the methods discussed should solve the problem.

Anyway, it’s important to hard reset your computer as soon as possible as your cartridges shouldn’t be disconnected from the printer for more than 30 minutes. If this happens, the ink can dry out and clog the nozzles. After removing all of the cartridges, be sure to wipe off any excess ink before putting them back in their slots.

Have you tried resetting your HP printer after it was refilled with ink? How did it go? Let us know in the comment section below.

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