How to save cartridges for HP printers

How to save cartridges for HP printers

Any inkjet printer owner knows that the original cartridges can be outrageously expensive. Sometimes they cost almost as much as the equipment itself. Why buyers snap up cheap printers is clear. The industry has long been suspected of capitalizing on the razor and blade model, but you can bypass it and save on supplies.

Inkjet printers can be incredibly inexpensive. For example, an HP device can be bought for just over $ 100, while the cost of the original cartridge can be a third of the price. In addition, the Smart Ink Store offers the HP 952 ink with free shipping for just over $ 76, which means you can save almost 20% on each replacement.

Such products are compatible because they come from third-party brands but are designed for original equipment.

Is it Safe to Use Third Party Products?

If you ask that question Hewlett Packard Representatives, they will advise against using non-original cartridges. On its official website, the company emphasizes the benefits of its supplies and the risks of damage from an inferior replacement. However, the production of compatible consumables has evolved over the past few years, so you can easily find a cheaper product that delivers the same print quality.

The razor and blade business model is a kind of conspiracy theory. Many customers feel that big brands are selling cheap machines to lure them in and rip them off afterwards. This is realistic as some printer models are sold at a loss. Cartridges enable companies to amortize their investment.

Big brands have tried to ban compatible products but failed. Since there is no legal way to ban non-original consumables, companies emphasize the risk of using defective products and program their devices to reject non-original ink. In fact, reliable suppliers guarantee the compatibility and quality of their alternative products. In the meantime, disabling automatic updates will fix the firmware problem.

How to choose

Of course, not every business can be trusted. Consumers should look out for a combination of factors. Inferior products may damage the equipment, but there are plenty of high quality replacements that are cheap and reliable. Look for the following:

  • certified quality according to international standards such as ISO,
  • instant recognizability (the latest version of the chip),
  • 2 year guarantee,
  • Free Shipping,
  • large volume (XL)
  • Track ink levels for specific models.

What about the refill?

The other option that brands disapprove of is topping up. You can order refilled cartridges online or take your product to a supplier who refills with fresh ink. The first option is both sustainable and convenient because top stores offer a guarantee and free shipping. In addition, you get an OEM product at a significant discount!

When refilling offline, the professional must be careful to avoid damage and inject the correct amount of ink. In addition, bubbles in the cartridge can cause malfunction. These variables and the need to go to a point of sale make this method less of a preference for many printer owners.

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