How to save money on toner for laser printers

Laser printers are more economical than inkjet printers, but toner is still expensive. If you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, you’ll end up spending a hefty sum on cartridges every year. On average, toner is 20-70% cheaper in the compatible market. So are these products just as good?

With third-party providers, price is the most important selling point. For example, a pair of genuine Brother HL series cartridges costs around $150. With Smart Ink two tn760 Compatible cartridges cost $41.99. You can save over $100 each time without sacrificing quality. This is how products like this work.

OEM vs compatible

Compatible toner is as original as its OEM counterpart. Third party brands emulate real products but do not replicate them. Design differences allow them to legally sell cheaper ink. Consumer protection laws prohibit anti-competitive terms, so the use of non-genuine products will not void the printer warranty.

Compatible cartridges look and function like genuine accessories. Trusted Stores also meet international quality standards. Typically you can see quality marks such as CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14000, Reach and STMC.

OEM vs Remanufactured

Some OEM products are collected, cleaned, refurbished and refilled with fresh toner after use. Buy these recycled Cartridges is another way to reduce costs. Refurbished products work like new. In terms of savings, you can expect a similar value. Remanufactured cartridges are also certified according to international quality standards.

Printer brands do not recommend toner refills. Your claims are not entirely fair. DIY refilling is really messy and complicated, and too many things can go wrong. Professional remanufacturing, on the other hand, is a reliable and most sustainable way to replace a cartridge at low cost.

Are cheaper cartridges safe to use?

How to save money on toner for laser printers

Reputable brand cartridges will not damage your printer. As long as you follow the installation guidelines, they are safe. However, inferior products exist, and toners with incorrect properties (thickness, conductivity, etc.) could fail. Do some homework before ordering your next replacement. Top rated stores have strict QA procedures.

shopping tips

Both compatible and refurbished products are available online. Check official stores like Smart Ink and generic marketplaces for the best deals, but don’t jump to the lowest price right away. Make sure you get the full bundle of benefits:

  • Extended warranty for all products (2 years is optimal);
  • Certified quality (see above);
  • The latest version of the cartridge chip (for instant recognition);
  • Convenient return policy;
  • 24/7 support;
  • Free Shipping;
  • Reliable packaging.

Some retailers offer additional discounts when you purchase two or more items per order. This way you can save even more!

Last word

How to save money on toner for laser printers

As long as you order from an honest supplier, compatible and remanufactured toners should perform just as well as their original counterparts. Make sure you get an extended warranty and the latest version of the cartridge chip. Check the return policy, Trustpilot feedback and reviews on other sites to make an informed decision.

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