HP firmware update: ETIRA urges HP to change course and embark on the “path of sustainability”


The European Toner and Inkjet Remanufacturers Association (ETIRA) urges HP to reconsider its latest printer firmware update.

The update, version 2025A / 2021B – released in July 2020 – affects HP OfficeJet 5220, 5255, 5230, 5232, HP ENVY 5020, 5032, and HP DeskJet 2621 devices.

In the past, similar updates have blocked reused HP cartridges worldwide and caused significant financial damage to end users, leading to many lawsuits against HP. ETIRA hopes to avoid a similar situation again.

Javier Martinez, President of ETIRA said, “It is pretty clear that HP printer owners who use reusable cartridges and upgrade firmware may find that their cartridges have stopped working and this is due to HP. Its printers use something called “dynamic security” that detects non-HP cartridges and prevents them from working. This is unacceptable for several important reasons.

“First, the overnight change will result in reused / remanufactured HP cartridges no longer working in the printer they are installed in, and remanufactured storage cartridges potentially unusable. End users are no longer able to print, and this is especially painful in the current COVID-19 environment where many are forced to use home printers for their work.

“Second, the resulting higher number of non-functioning but full cartridges increases the risks of waste treatment exponentially, as the reprocessing facilities are designed to handle empty cartridges, not full ones.

“Finally, but most importantly, this approach has unnecessary and negative effects on the environment as good products are wasted prematurely and unnecessarily. Reusing a cartridge multiple times and then recycling its base materials is by far the preferred option as it reduces CO2 emissions by up to 45-60% and saves energy and natural resources.

“Our members will hold HP responsible and liable for any damage caused by this update, and under the new mandate of the EU circular economy action plan and existing waste legislation, HP can view its actions as an environmental crime.”

ETIRA has raised this issue to HP on numerous occasions, but so far with no satisfactory results. The association has now written to the firm again and expressed its concerns.

Javier Martinez added, “The HP printer cartridges business model is the opposite of sustainability, forcing end users to buy a new cartridge each time instead of reusing it multiple times. It also renders reusable cartridges unusable for no reason and goes against the new EU policy of becoming climate neutral and promoting reuse across the EU.

“On behalf of our members and all those across Europe who use reusable cartridges, we urge HP to abandon this pollution strategy and instead take the sustainability path that allows consumers and third parties to easily reuse HP cartridges without to be hindered by unnecessary interference firmware updates that block remanufactured HP cartridges. “


Founded in 2003, ETIRA is a non-profit organization registered in Belgium that represents the interests of inkjet and toner cartridge remanufacturers and related service providers and is the recognized industry organization for all industry-related issues. ETIRA offers its members many services: legal and regulatory advice, public relations, environmental impact, quality and standardization forums and contact platforms for members. ETIRA also maintains a code of conduct for remanufacturing and the collective mark with the hook R, which guarantees consumers less expensive, but 100% environmentally friendly, remanufactured cartridges.


Secretary General: Vincent van Dijk, [email protected], Tel + 31 6 414 614 63


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