HP printers go into “plus” with the new LaserJet M200 series for 179 US dollars



HP is doing everything it can to attract the vast amount of work-from-home and remote learning crowds with its latest printer launch, HP Plus. In contrast to the retronymized “HP Standard”, as one would call today’s printers, Plus offers a range of cloud-related services and one-time benefits at a lower price in return for the printer requiring an internet connection and HP account and limit yourself to HP inks and toners rather than cheap third-party options. Plus isn’t an additional option – you don’t have to subscribe to the company’s Instant Ink automatic refill service – and comes in conjunction with the new HP LaserJet M200 series printers (starting at $ 179) as well. launched part of the OfficeJet Pro 8000 and 9000 series. Instant Ink for toner starts at $ 2 per month.

HP Plus versions of printers come with an additional six months of Instant Ink free of charge and an upgrade to a two-year warranty from the usual year. Features beyond what’s available with standard HP include:

  • Cloud resilience: automatic detection and correction of Wi-Fi connection problems
  • Smart Security: monitors the printer and prevents malware attacks
  • Native printing from mobile devices (as opposed to launching an app)
  • Private Pickup: The ability to schedule a print job while you’re standing there waiting to pick it up.
  • Intelligent dashboard: remote printer and user management
  • Forest First: HP is expanding its afforestation investment to include all pages printed on paper-based using a Plus printer from HP investment.

By linking the use of its consumables with Plus – especially toner for laser printers – HP can overcome one of its biggest problems: the extensive use of cheap, remanufactured toner cartridges in place of HP’s own toner cartridges with your express consent to block you from using them , and the means to bypass your bypasses. Consumables are a big profit center for print shops, and toner makes up a bigger chunk of resale than ink cartridges because it’s much easier to implement.

And you can tell how important it is to HP to buy the Plus version: The debut product of the new LaserJet 200 series, the LaserJet MFP M234dwe, costs 179 US dollars for the HP Plus model, while the standard model costs more at 229 US dollars costs. Hardware specifications include 600 dpi, up to 30 pages per minute print speed, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi channels plus Bluetooth, a 150-sheet input tray, paper up to legal size, and automatic duplex printing.

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