Ink cartridges: 5 money-saving hacks

Some inkjet printers are incredibly cheap, but you should think twice before making a deal. The running costs are just as important as the type of equipment. Consumers who only buy branded products end up paying hundreds of dollars a year. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of cheaper substitutes.

Do you own an HP Officejet device? Many of these printers use 950 and 951 series cartridges. If you order a full package from the HP store, it will cost you over $150. Smart Ink is now selling HP 951 ink Replacement for $27.99. Follow our savings tips to make the most of such offers.

  1. Find a compatible brand

Independent companies produce cartridges for all major printers. These products are designed to fit specific printers and are similar to OEM (Official Equipment Manufacturer) consumables. They’re impressively affordable, but the quality is also commendable.

You can find compatible cartridges in official brand stores and online marketplaces. Choose a company with an outstanding rating on Trustpilot. Before placing an order, please make sure you receive the following:

  • Certified quality according to ISO, Reach or other global standards;
  • Extended warranty of at least two years;
  • Reliable Shipping;
  • 24/7 support via email, live chat and phone.
  1. Take a larger volume

Standard wattage cartridges are less efficient than XL or XXL versions. Buy more volume to get more value. For example, a standard HP950 cartridge prints 1,000 pages, while the XL capacity is 2,300. Additionally, a compatible XL pack from Smart Ink still costs less than a standard OEM set.

  1. Save on shipping

Some stores offer free shipping across Canada. Often there is no minimum order quantity required.

  1. Try Remanufactured

Affordable cartridges in this category are recycled. OEM products are cleaned, refurbished and filled with fresh ink. Vendors follow rigorous testing procedures to ensure they perform like new. You can order these cartridges with the same advantages: free shipping, special discounts, certified quality and guarantees.

Remanufactured products are a better solution than refill packs, saving you time, effort and money. Refilling yourself is cumbersome and risky because cartridges contain sensitive elements. One wrong move can cause permanent damage. Instead of taking your cartridge to a refill, order a recycled cartridge online!

  1. Add discounts

Some shops like Offer customers who buy two or more items additional discounts, seasonal offers, etc. Combined with free shipping, XL capacity and low introductory prices, they make an irresistible combination.

To sum up

Inkjet printer owners can Save money in many ways. Switch to a reliable, compatible brand for long-term savings. Choose stores with free shipping, extended warranties and additional discounts. Buy XL or XXL products for higher page yield. OEM cartridges are outrageously expensive, but you don’t have to use them!

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