Is it better to refill printer cartridges or buy new ones?

When using laser printers, the question of the choice of consumables inevitably arises. You can buy a new original cartridge, refill the old one or buy a compatible one. Each method has its pros and cons, and in this article we will look at them in detail.

Purchase of original spare parts

By purchasing replacement parts designed by the manufacturer for a specific printer model, you can extend the life of the device and enjoy the best print quality. Original consumables are guaranteed by the manufacturer – if you buy a defective cartridge, it will be replaced with a working one.

Using the best printing composition allows you to ensure the safety of spare parts and get clear images. Among the shortcomings of the original consumables, only a high price can be distinguished. With high print volumes, price becomes the main reason for looking for alternatives to new consumables. Before considering the alternative options, we recommend that you go to the Smart Ink website and check the price of a compatible cartridge, for example – HP 952 ink.

Refill printer: pros and cons

The main advantage of refilling is the relatively low price compared to buying new consumables. But such savings can lead to some problems:

  • Poor print quality. Don’t expect a refilled cartridge to work like new. In addition to the toner, there are other elements in it that have a limited lifespan. Using the same part for an extended period of time will result in poor print quality due to deterioration of the photoconductor. It can also happen that the toner was too low when refilling, so the life expectancy of the cartridge is shorter compared to a new one;
  • failure of printing equipment. The biggest problem that can arise when using a refilled cartridge is the failure of individual parts of the printer. Poor refilling leads to increased wear and tear on the printing equipment, so saving on consumables leads to the need for more frequent printer repairs.
  • evaporation of pollutants. In laser printers, the composition used for printing is heated to high temperatures (about 300 degrees). Using non-genuine toner may result in the release of harmful and hazardous substances when heated.

When you return consumables for refilling, you cannot verify that high-quality toner was used. It may well happen that you have to change the detail again in a few weeks – when refilling, it often happens that the toner is not completely filled. In addition, reduced print quality results in many documents being reprinted multiple times.

Compatible cartridges – how to choose?

The best option to save on consumables without damaging the printing equipment is to purchase compatible consumables. In terms of quality, they are in no way inferior to the originals, and they are significantly cheaper. These consumables are not produced by the printer manufacturer, but by a third party. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the quality of consumables, so as not to get a fake. Now there are many proposals on the market, including from large manufacturers, so you can find a high-quality compatible cartridge for any model of laser printer. The main advantages of using compatible consumables are as follows:

  • Low price compared to the original. By purchasing appropriate supplies, you can save significantly on consumables without sacrificing print quality.
  • High quality print. When you buy a compatible replacement part from a manufacturer you trust, you don’t have to worry about the device failing. The design of the consumables is based exactly on the original. Consumables are made of high quality materials and are designed for long-term operation;
  • Low probability of error. All parts and spare parts are tested before sale, which significantly reduces the likelihood of acquiring an inferior product with defects.
  • Great print resource. Suitable consumables are on a par with the original cartridges in terms of the number of pages printed. Some models of compatible consumables last even longer than the originals.

Some people believe that using non-genuine parts can void the warranty. However, in practice this is not the case, and the service centers do not refuse service for this reason. Companies that use printing technology are increasingly forgoing originals in favor of alternatives or preferring to use refilled consumables. In addition, it is quite difficult to prove that it was the use of a non-genuine cartridge that caused the printer to fail.

To get all the benefits of using non-genuine cartridges, you need to order them only from trusted suppliers. To date, there are many offers on the market from well-known companies that strictly monitor the quality of their products. Compatible cartridges help you save on printer supplies without sacrificing print quality or damaging your hardware.

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