Jimeoin spruiks Epson EcoTank Printer – Don’t Let Expensive Print Cartridges Rip You Off!


Look, we know printers aren’t exactly a sexy consumer item like cell phones or fast cars. They are found in most households, however, and a sneaky pricing trick has been around for many years to separate you from your money.

You see, most printers these days are sold as “loss guides” to get you hooked; This fancy laser all-in-one, which costs just $ 300, is actually worth more. However, it sells at a discounted price to get you on board with an introductory laser toner cartridge, and boy, boy, when it runs out, pay for it through your nose. It’s not uncommon to see ink / toner refills costing almost as much as the original printer!

But there are alternatives.

To get the news about such an alternative, Epson has teamed up with comedy legend Jimeoin to bring the news about Epson’s EcoTank printers.

Epson EcoTank printers use easy-to-fill, oversized ink tanks instead of cartridges that contain enough ink to print thousands of pages, meaning less waste and fewer trips to the store.

As Jimeoin noted:

“Cartridges clean my head. In the beginning you buy a cheap printer and then six months later the cartridges run out and they cost more than the printer. And you forget how to change the cartridges, as they explained six months ago. So it’s easier to buy a new printer than figuring out how to change the cartridges. “

Yeah, been there.

EcoTank printers can save you literally thousands of dollars over their lifespan; Not only do they not use cartridges, but the ink tanks are also quite large and relatively cheap to refill.

They’re also more efficient: They use PrecisionCore heat-free printheads, which means that EcoTank printers use less energy, especially when compared to power-hungry laser printers.

I’m currently trying out an Epson EcoTank ET-4750 (see above) that is almost 2/3 the size of the laser multi-function device it replaced, and it does all the same things and more; Color printing, scanning direct to the cloud (or email), double-sided printing to save paper, and more.

My favorite feature so far, however, is the scan-to-email functionality – once the exclusive domain of expensive office multifunctional functions, this tiny printer makes it easy to send paper forms to your inbox for email to get things done to do.

When you want to refill your EcoTank printer, you have to pay hundreds of dollars for new ink cartridges, which are messy and fiddly to install – refill ink bottles start at just $ 14.95.

The Epson EcoTank ET-4750 printer Retails for $ 649 recommended with free shipping, which is a bit more expensive than the typical “Loss Leader” multifunction device you might find on the shelves at $ 449 for a simple ribbon.

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