Jubilee Biotech has developed JUBIwatch, “Health and Life are now wearable”


“On time, dosed,” said Sung-Kyoung Lee, CEO of Jubilee Biotech Co., Ltd. in the development of the JUBI watch for the Smart Drug Delivery System. , “The misdiagnoses are only reduced if exact medication information is backed up on an IT basis.”

Seoul, South Korea, October 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Jubilee Biotech, a startup in South Korea, has developed JUBIwatch, a smartwatch and medication management platform that uses microneedles to deliver precise amounts of medication at set times.

“Carrying, setting up and sending information about medicines.” This is the phrase that inspired the “wear, settle and forget” tagline, the Sung-Kyoung Lee, CEO of Jubilee Biotech, has stayed close in the development of JUBIwatch.

The medication in the JUBIwatch is contained in a microneedle cartridge that a patient manually inserts into the watch. The patient can then connect the watch to their medication plan via a mobile app. Then the JUBIwatch microneedle delivers the drug transdermally at the right time. Developed by R&D over the past two years, JUBIwatch has plans for FDA review and commercialization.

The patient reacts to the dreaded question of the doctor “Did you take your medication correctly?” However, if a drug is administered via JUBIwatch, the time and dosage are precisely measured in seconds and micrograms. In addition, the datafication ensures more meaningful medical information for the patient.

In the past 20 years, smartphones and social media have completely changed the world. Personalization and individualization are emphasized in many areas and have influenced all areas of life beyond shopping, mass media and learning.

However, progress is slow in the healthcare industry, especially the medical sectors that most affect our lives and are the foundation of our quality of life.

For example, the pharmaceutical system has been around for a long time, through which doctors prescribe drugs that patients can conveniently collect from local drugstores.

Compared to other areas of the industry that have made great strides in recent years, progress in this system tends to rest and the system remains surprisingly ineffective.

For example, according to statistics from the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), three out of four patients do not take medication as prescribed.

There are several reasons for this statistic: Patients may miss a dose, forget to take their medicine, or not receive a refill due to other factors. In a study, the APhA found:

1 in 2 people forgot a dose
1 in 3 forgot if they took the drug,
and 1 in 4 did not get a refill in time.

Medically this phenomenon is called “Non-adherence to drugs “- and the personal and social costs involved are really enormous.

In North America, 125,000 deaths are directly caused by medication non-compliance, meeting estimated cost $ 300 billion per year.

Sung-Kyoung Lee, CEO of Jubilee Biotech Co., Ltd., founded a company to solve this problem.

Lee studied molecular biology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and PhD in toxicology and molecular pharmacology. Since then he has worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. He has also published a number of SCI (Science Citation Index) registered articles and won the Society of Dermatology’s Young Fellow Award in 2017.

When asked what brought him into the start-up industry, Lee replied, “I believe the medical market is focused on personalized medicine, telemedicine and pain. I started this company to create a medical platform that addresses these three areas “to build a better health system.”

While working at UPenn, Lee learned of the numerous hurdles that faced before laboratory research was industrialized and used in everyday life. From this he founded his company to create a platform that can help both patients and doctors with drug problems.

Jubilee Biotech’s motto is “to make patients and doctors happy. “Lee notes,” Human life is becoming more personalized as people are increasingly interested in improving the quality of life. I predict this will result in a health system that has a direct impact on quality of life as efforts to minimize pain continue. “

JUBIwatch is a platform to secure accurate medication information for the benefit of doctors and patients.

The ultimate challenge to be solved: non-adherence to drugs.

“As important as developing a good drug is helping patients take it properly. While remaining aware of the problem, I came up with the idea of ​​developing a ‘wearable device’ that uses microneedles to deliver amounts in a timely manner and convert it into data, ”says Lee.

JUBIwatch, a small mobile device, fundamentally solves the problem of medication non-compliance.

“Jubilee” is a Hebrew word and means freedom, relaxation and joy.

As the name suggests, Jubilee Biotech’s mission is to become a company that brings joy, recovery and specific solutions to those who suffer. Jubilee Biotech is simultaneously preparing for R&D and FDA approval in Korea and The United States.

Jubilee Biotech has pending patent applications and will attempt to secure additional patents in the near future. IP landscaping found that there are no relevant patents for JUBIwatch. Accordingly, Jubilee is working hard to propose diverse and influential patent applications and, if the patent application is successful, should become the front runner in the market.

Although competitors are also developing drug delivery devices that use microneedles, the JUBIwatch platform is different from their products. Competitors’ current solutions are single-dose medications that still require patient action when taking the medication, which does not take into account medication non-compliance. However, the JUBIwatch platform is unique in that, by simply carrying the device, the patient can save the hassle of finding a medication container and water to take medication in good time. In addition, JUBIwatch will help patients with physical disabilities to take their medication more comfortably.

JUBIwatch is a necessity for medication that will only work if taken at the right time.

Smartwatches on the market today have various medical functions such as heart rate and blood pressure measurements. The dosing function of the JUBIwatch differs significantly from these already existing functions, as other smartwatches use the sensor technology for measurement. Thus, the microneedle cartridges used by JUBIwatch are structurally incompatible with smartwatches currently on the market. Apple Watches and Galaxy Watches neither have the space to insert a cartridge for medication, nor can they implement a mechanism to power it, as their interiors are already full of sensors and batteries. On the other hand, JUBIwatch is designed to prioritize cartridge loading as a core function, and its patented mechanism enables efficient management. The IT functions of JUBIwatch, which contain information about the patient’s medication, are possible through a small microchip. With the JUBIwatch 2nd generation, Jubilee Biotech is planning to install more diverse sensor and IT functions in the smallest of spaces.

Lee says: “With JUBIwatch we are initially planning to offer hormonal drugs and drugs that are particularly effective in small doses in the form of cartridges. We’re going to start mostly with hormones and plan to expand to drugs for stroke and Parkinson’s, such as levodopa and rheumatism. These drugs have priority because they are effective when taken in a timely manner. This device / cartridge / app web service will be a different type of medical platform. “

Some medications can cause health problems or upset the balance of the entire body if not taken in a timely manner. This is the case with estrogen, a female hormone. Doctors do not recommend doses of estrogen for patients who miss the correct time to take them. The same goes for thyroid hormones. People with paralysis (Parkinson’s disease) need to take their medication in the morning when they wake up, but physical discomfort or difficulty may have difficulty completing this task. In many cases, such as schizophrenia, caregivers are needed to help patients take their medication.

JUBIwatch can solve these problems and increase the effectiveness of these drugs by allowing patients to take their medication at precise times. Via the JUBI app, legal guardians and doctors can receive live feedback on the patient’s medication dispensing and the medication dosage.

Recently, medicaments in the form of plasters or implants are being developed which show high efficacy in administration. Ultimately, however, it is up to the patient to attach the patch to themselves at a specific time, which makes it easy to miss dosages – as mentioned, only 1 in 4 people take their medication on time. JUBIwatch helps to overcome the intrinsic limits of humans and its effect cannot simply be estimated in economic values.

Jubilee Biotech nearly completed JUBIwatch for FDA pre-filing in 2022 and plans to open a U.S. subsidiary next year. Jubilee Biotech is currently in talks with a number of VC and PEs to expand the company into a variety of drugs. Jubilee Biotech’s current goal is to introduce JUBIwatch, a data-based treatment platform, to the US market by the end of 2023.

SungKyoung Lee Ph.D. CEO
Tel) +82) -10-4050-7322
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