Karimnagar CP advises people to be vigilant with online loan apps

Published: Release date – 8:17 p.m., Wednesday – August 3 22

Police Commissioner V. Satyanarayana addresses participants at the opening of cricket tournaments at the commissioner’s office in Karimnagar on Wednesday.

Karimnagar: Police Commissioner V. Satyanarayana advised people to be vigilant about online loan apps as the organizers deceive the public by using their need and innocence for an advantage. The CP on Wednesday opened invitational cricket tournaments organized by the Karimnagar Commissionerate Police to educate people about online loan app scams at the Commissionerate Office here.

Police Commissioner V Satyanarayana plays cricket after opening cricket tournaments at the Commissionerate’s office in Karimnagar on Wednesday.

On this occasion, Satyanarayana advised people not to use online apps as the latter were founded with the sole motto of cheating the public. The prganizers running online apps from the neighboring states of the country fled to other countries by scamming people. Although the loan was approved in a short period of time, people have to pay huge interest to the organizers.

People who have been scammed by online loan apps and cybercrime should complain to the police without wasting any time, he advised, informing that awareness programs should be organized across the department to educate people about online apps. A total of 15 teams took part in cricket tournaments. Other DCPs S Srinivas (law and order) and G Chandramohan (administration), ACPs Tula Srinivas Rao, Karunakar Rao and Pratap, District Fire Officer Venkanna and others were present.

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