Letters to the editor: October 27, 2021



Letters to the Editor, published in Tomahawk Leader, October 27, 2021.

Throw the hatred out of your heart

To the editor,

I have noticed recently that letters to the editor can be prone to political views. When I read the last one by Diana Smith, I was really upset.

In all transparency, I am the matriarch of a hunting, fishing, and outdoor sports family who enjoy our beautiful Wisconsin outdoors. This week’s letter to the editorial staff really disturbed me.

I reject the terribly disrespectful and degrading language used by our duly elected State Senator Mary Felzkowski.

To claim that Senator Felzkowski agrees with “unstable characters” who carry guns is utterly absurd and idiotic. That is certainly not the word in the 2ndnd Amendment of the Constitution.

Sandhill Crane season is one way Wisconsin hunters can keep the herd at bay. They harm the farmers’ crops. Plus, they’re delicious!

Wolf terrorization is not scare tactics, it is real and painful. There have been people who witnessed their family pet being torn to pieces by wolves. This is reality, not agitation. And if you believe financial compensation can undo a child’s farmer’s pain, you have no heart.

I recently saw a game cam video of five wolves carrying a newborn, bloody fawn in their mouths.

Last year’s wolf season ended earlier than expected because there are so many more wolves than the DNR reports. The legal and honest hunters who recorded their kills caused the DNR to stop the season for good!

Where do you get away with belittling Wisconsin athletes by calling them a tiny fraction of the Wisconsin population? You mean speaking for the people of our state when you describe the athletes as the smallest vocal minority.

For your information, athletes and farmers are usually hardworking, tax-paying, good, and trustworthy people.

In some cases, game helps feed their families. Inflation will make hunting for food a necessity for some families.

So throw the hatred out of your heart and have some compassion for those around you!

Sandy Myre


Computer accessories in Tomahawk

I wonder if anyone who has a business or is thinking of starting one has considered running a printer supplies or supplies store in their current business.

I don’t look at computers, printers or anything like that. What I’m looking for is a place to buy paper, printer forms, and printer ink. We used to be able to buy paper and forms from Ben Franklin or ink from Shopko, but unfortunately they haven’t been around for a long time. Now if you need an ink cartridge or a wad of paper, you have to go to the Rheinländer or Merrill. I always try to shop locally, but that makes it difficult.

Yes, I know you can buy ink online, but I’ve been marginally lucky with the refilled cartridges and they take forever to get mailed. Paper and forms are a little more difficult to order online. With more people working from home, this could be an interesting business for a local business.

Gordy Lovsletten


Invite representatives to follow the advice and recommendations of the People’s Maps Commission

Elbridge Gerry, Massachusetts Governor in 1812, was the first elected official to unfairly partition his state’s constituencies for the benefit of his political party, and hence we have the word: “Gerrymandering,” where the political party in power takes the constituency Lines to your advantage.

The redistribution, which was carried out behind closed doors in Wisconsin in 2011, is often cited as one of the worst examples of gerrymandering in United States history.

After the 2020 census, the Wisconsin legislature maps will be redrawn.

Please call our country representatives: (Mary Felzkowski, Tel. #: 608-266-2509 and Calvin Callahan, Tel. #: 608-266-7694) and ask them to follow the advice and recommendations of the People’s Map Commission to which will draw maps for congressional, senate, and state legislative districts. This commission is impartial and therefore has no inherent bias towards any political party. The maps drawn by this commission will put an end to gerrymandering.

Also, ask our state officials to incorporate bipartisan electoral district formation into our Wisconsin state constitution.

Respectfully submitted by Catherine G. LeMay-Brown,



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