Majestick Refillable: Induplast’s first refillable stick


Majestick refillable 50cc stick container is made of 100% recyclable PP mono material

Years of design are behind the birth of a fully recyclable, practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing refillable stick container.

Majestick 50cc refillable stick container is made from 100% recyclable PP mono material and is one of the latest projects of our R&D team aiming to offer packaging that is as sustainable as possible from an ecological point of view that can contribute to the circular economy for plastic materials.

Majestick Refillable Stick Container is not only refillable, it can also be made entirely from recycled post-consumer PCR material and as a refill pack.

It can be used over and over again over time by simply replacing the internal refill cartridge, which must be properly disposed of in a suitable plastic recycling bin once the product is complete.

The stick is available in a smooth and glossy finish and can be fully personalized using hot stamping and screen printing techniques. The refill fills the floor and can also be designed individually.

Majestick Refillable is an excellent packaging solution for skin and body care products as well as for traditional deodorants.

In addition, brands have the opportunity to offer their customers sustainable products that are increasingly aware of and attentive to the impact of their consumption and behavior on the environment.

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