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April 21, 2022

An internal Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) was carried out by ECODESIGN for medmix to evaluate the environmental aspects and impacts of the materials, manufacture and distribution of the MIXPAC™ ecopaCC™ foil cartridge compared to the medmix 600 ml 1:1 polypropylene solid cartridge.

The results show that ecopaCC’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at all these life cycle stages are less than a quarter of the solid cartridge’s greenhouse gas emissions, and thus ecopaCC offers a fully compatible product for standard dispensers with greatly reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

medmix is ​​a leading provider of application and mixing technologies for liquids. The company is a pioneer in the development and production of sustainable cartridges for sealants and adhesives for the construction and industrial sectors. A flagship product from medmix is ​​the ecopaCC with its unique 0.15 mm thick special film composite, which replaces the 2.2 mm thick plastic body of the medmix solid cartridges. The new ecopaCC design preserves the barrier and mechanical properties, ensuring performance and reliability, while the materials chosen and the improved production bring a drastic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

dr Adriana Díaz, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) expert at ECODESIGN in Vienna, commented: “We started in 2005 as a spin-off from the Technical University of Vienna to support organizations in analyzing their products and assessing the environmental aspects and impacts, and support the introduction of eco-design strategies for more sustainable products and operations of our customers. For example, key ecodesign strategies for primary packaging products include reducing material consumption and substituting materials while preserving product functionality and using low carbon energy sources for the production processes. These strategies are already being implemented by medmix for the ecopaCC. Overall, the ecopaCC shows 154.7 gCO2-eq compared to 661.1 gCO2-eq for a solid cartridge, a reduction in GHG emissions of around 77%”.

Distribution for a representative B2B scenario of the two cartridges. medmix collected detailed and accurate data on the energy consumption of its injection molding processes at its main cartridge manufacturing sites. In terms of distribution, ecopaCC’s collapsible design takes up four times less space than the solid cartridge in a truckload, resulting in less than a third of the GHG emissions of the solid cartridge. “We are pleased with the assessment results, which confirm and underpin our great efforts to produce innovative and sustainable products. Ecodesign principles are a fundamental part of our innovative product portfolio and our way of thinking,” said Roman Thönig, Head Business Segment Industry at medmix.

medmix has also taken on the challenge of reducing waste from single use cartridges. The body and plunger of the ecopaCC foil cartridge can be reused, with a lifespan of up to 1000 uses for specific applications. This ensures that material savings go hand in hand with less waste. medmix is ​​committed to low-carbon energy consumption at its manufacturing facilities in Poland and Switzerland to further minimize environmental impact. The plant in Poland is operated 100% with wind energy. The Swiss plant is powered by 95% nuclear energy and the remaining 5% by a mix of renewable sources. “We are already conducting internal life cycle assessments,” says Maxime Darimont, Sustainability Manager at medmix, “with these encouraging results, we will investigate the need to conduct independent life cycle assessments.” By evaluating every aspect of our supply chain, products, operations and facilities, we are able to demonstrate the sustainability benefits of our products. Using this evidence as a benchmark, we will continue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in all areas of our company.”

MIXPAC™ ecopaCC™ foil cartridge shows a 75% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

medmix is ​​a pioneer in the development and manufacture of innovative cartridges for sealants and adhesives in the construction and industrial sectors.

MIXPAC™ ecopaCC™

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