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With the advent of technology, data storage remains a crucial element of business and communication. Whether you use a Windows PC, Android or macOS, you need versatile software to back up your data. If you are using macOS all the time, you need good Mac data recovery software.

Of course, most users still use some of the easiest ways to free up space by finding and deleting files and folders that are no longer needed. Whether these files have been downloaded or shared on your MacBook, deleting them to free up more space is a simple process. However, it is better not to worry as recovering files that have been accidentally deleted is just as simple and easy.

There are several good data recovery software that you can install and use to restore files and folders. You can easily use this software to Recover Deleted Files on Macincluding finding and removing duplicate files, deleting temporary files, and emptying all trash cans.

In this article, we will focus on explaining more about Mac data recovery software and how it works. The article will help you better understand Mac data recovery software, how it works, and how to make the best choice for your system.

Mac data recovery software

The best data recovery software for Mac will help you:

  • Recover data from a crashed or not booting Mac
  • Recover deleted documents, emails, videos, audios and photos
  • Protect macOS Big Sur and lower versions
  • Supports data recovery after USB corruption, unrecognized drives and partition loss

Let’s take a look at one of the best data recovery software for Mac – Disk Drill for Mac.

Disk Drill for Mac

Disk Drill, developed by Cleverfiles, is the free data software for Mac OS X. In addition to previewing recovered files and folders, Disk Drill Basic includes several other functions such as Guaranteed Recovery and Recovery Vault, Boot Disk Maker, Lost Partition Restoration and so on. This makes Disk Drill one of the best Mac data recovery software out there.

In addition, the software works on both internal and external hard drives. SD cards, USB sticks, and many other external devices that you can connect to your Mac.

The latest version of the software has an extensive database of file signatures that can be recovered from drives even if your devices are formatted. In addition, the software uses very efficient and fast scanning algorithms.

If you are using macOS and you think that this software may become out of date after a while, you are wrong. Disk Drill Data Recovery for Mac is constantly updated and supported by dedicated teams to cover all cases of data corruption caused by power failure, improper device removal, etc. Mac:

  • Warranty recovery is a background service that saves a copy of every file in a user-specific folder. Both data protection modules significantly reduce the likelihood of permanently losing critical data.
  • Recovery Vault provides an additional layer for the Mac Recycle Bin, which points to the deleted files on the Mac. The data recovery feature provides the ability to recover lost data from a byte-to-byte cone version of the device and even partitions without compromising the original storage source.
  • Other free tools available are Disk Health Monitor, Time Machine Recovery, Emergency Recovery Boot Drive, Duplicate File Finder, and Mac Cleaner.

Disk Drill therefore successfully balances the essential features for casual users and the advanced features required by professional and corporate users.

How does it work?

1. Clean up your Mac

The apps help you get rid of temporary files, uninstall unwanted applications, clean up additional languages, delete large files stored in the email, among other things.

Disk Drill has significant application cleaning features and helps you get rid of duplicate files too quickly.

2. Find and remove duplicate files

Disk Drill will help you find and remove duplicate data on your Mac quickly.

3rd Empty the trash cans

Emptying the trash cans is the other way to empty or clean up space on Mac. When you delete files, they are usually moved to the Recycle Bin for storage so you can easily restore them.

4th Uninstall applications

You may have installed multiple apps on your Mac that you no longer use. Such apps take up a lot of space on your device and you can use Disk Drill to remove them to free up space.

5. Clean up temporary files

Many people still keep files that they used on their MacBook. Such files take up your storage space without adding any value. Clean temporary data is a great way to free up space for more important files.

Other Mac data recovery software to consider

Aside from Disk Drill, some of the other pieces of software that are also some of the best recovery apps on Mac include:

  1. PhotoRec for Mac
  2. EaseUS data recovery wizard for Mac
  3. MiniTool Power Data Recovery for Mac
  4. Softtote Mac data recovery


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