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The last couple of years haven’t exactly been a game of catch-up. Ammo manufacturers have been quietly creating fascinating new charges that will arrive when we hopefully return to something resembling normal.

I’m somewhat hesitant to unveil the new ammunition products slated to go into production for 2022 as some of the new loads advertised for 2021 have yet to make it onto dealer shelves. The reason for this was the unprecedented demand for ammunition that we have experienced in the last two years. It’s difficult for manufacturers to devote resources to new offerings if they can’t make enough of their old ones to keep shooters happy. While I wouldn’t say the ammo world is back to normal, there seems to be some stabilization. So, with some hesitation, here are some exciting new ammo launches to look forward to in 2022 – or beyond.

I will give the highest bill to the new self-defense pistol cartridge introduced by Federal: the 30 super stretches. This cartridge is best described as a semi-automatic version of the .327 Fed. Mag. It offers similar terminal performance to the 9mm but with less recoil. Due to its smaller diameter, it also allows for a 20 percent increase in magazine capacity. Federal, Speer, Blazer, American Eagle and Remington will offer practice and carry loads for this cartridge and you can read more about them on page 40.

From today’s perspective, it is difficult for new loads offered in existing cartridges to compete with a completely new cartridge and a full range of ammunition, but the new ASP loads from Nosler are definitely worth reporting. This new line of ammunition will initially be offered in popular bullet weights for 9 mm, .40 S&W, 10 mm and .45 ACP. Additionally, subsonic ASP loads are offered in 9mm and .45 ACP. The ASP ammunition features a new bullet design. It is a jacketed hollow point with a peeled jacket designed to deliver controlled bullet impact over a wide range of impact velocities. The bullet profile has also been optimized to aid in reliable feeding. In addition, Nosler offers these new ASP bullets as components for reloaders. Prices start at $17.45 per box of 20 cartridges loaded.

While not technically a new cartridge, short 12-gauge shotgun shells are relatively new to the market. When used in shorty-shell capable shotguns like the Mossberg 590S, which has an overall length of just 13/4″, they offer a significant increase in capacity. For 2022, Federal a Force load the X2 Shorty grenade. Force X2 is a 00 shot load that uses pellets that are split and designed to fall apart during penetration. The result is a doubling of the cavitation potential. These new Force X2 Shorty shells hold six 00 shotgun pellets. When they split you have 12 coiled chains, which is three more than you would get from a standard nine pellet, $00, 23/4 inch load. MSRP: $28.99 for a box of 10.

For many years, shooters have enjoyed the low cost of CCI’s Blazer ammunition. Blazer ammo is less expensive because the cartridge cases are made of aluminum instead of brass. Of course, the downside of Blazer ammo has always been the inability to reload the empty cases, which is why CCI also offers reloadable brass-cased Blazer ammo. For 2022 is CCI Expansion of the Blazer Brass line to accept a 9mm round with a 100-grain flat-nose bullet, and the bullet and primer are lead-free. The suggested retail price of $27.99 for a box of 50 is 56 cents per round.

The Federal HST line of self-defense ammunition is highly prized by those who carry a handgun for personal protection. The HST bullet has a core that is mechanically connected to the jacket to hold it together during penetration, and the unique hollow point is designed not to fill up and retard bullet deformation when passing through intermediate barriers. For 2022 Federal is loading two revolver cartridges with HST bullets. There will be a 104-grain HST bullet in a new loading for the .327 Fed. Mag. and a 154-grain HST bullet in a new load for the .357 Mag. Suggested retail prices are $37.99 and $42.99, respectively.

The .44 Spl cartridge has a cult following among those who believe in the idea of ​​a large caliber revolver for personal protection. It is also popular with .44 Mag. Shooters who dislike twisting their wrist every time they pull the trigger. For 2022, Federal is adding one 180-grain .44 Spl. Last to its punch line of self-defense ammunition. The suggested retail price for a box of 20 rounds is $35.99.

The surge in popularity of the 350 Legend cartridge was somewhat unexpected. Designed to meet straight wall cartridge requirements
In the few states that do mandate them for deer hunting, the AR-15-compatible 350 Legend has surprisingly found acceptance outside of those environments. Hornady has taken note and is offering one for 2022 Subsonic loading for the legend. This new load features an expanding 250-grain SUB-X bullet with a G1 ballistic coefficient (BC) of 0.265. This new charge not only has a low-noise hunting application, but could also be used for personal protection. Suggested retail price: $39.99 per 20-round box.

Remington ammunition, now owned by Vista Outdoor, introduced sharpened version of his famous Core Lokt bullet, and I was actually able to test it. A standard .30 caliber 150 grain Core Lokt bullet has a BC of .314. The new tipped version has a BC of .480. With a muzzle velocity of 2,800 fps, that means there’s 3 inches (actually more than that) less waste at 300 yards. So the new loads seem to offer a bit more precision with the same end device performance. Prices vary by cartridge, but 20 rounds of .308 Win. have a suggested retail price of $49.99.

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