New Sumiko Blue Point No. 3 phono pickups and stylus improve your record playback


Sumiko is one of our most popular brands of cartridges and the Japanese manufacturer does not update its extensive range of products unless the changes are significant. They consistently deliver excellent sound quality, excellent tracking, and long-term reliability; it was no coincidence that they became one of the most popular brands of audiophile cartridges. The upcoming Sumiko Blue Point No. 3 cartridges will be very popular. We already have the new models for review.

Sumiko Blue Point No. 3 high-performance MC phono cartridges

The sumiko Blue point No. 3 high and sumiko Blue point # 3 Low Phono pickups replace the venerable Blue Point No. 2. With a similar low vibration body and mounting block as the recently updated Moving Magnet (MM) range, the Blue Point No. 3 able to separate the generator of the pickup from mechanical vibrations more effectively than ever before. The result is an affordable moving coil (MC) design that creates unprecedented detail and stereo separation.

Both models benefit from a new shell design and a gently sloping front panel, which enables an excellent view of the probe tip during assembly.

The Blue Point No.3 High continues Sumiko’s history of affordable, high performance MC cartridge designs that are compatible with every MM phono stage.

Sumiko Blue Point No.  3 rear low MC phono cartridges
Sumiko Blue Point No. 3 rear low MC phono cartridges

The Sumiko Blue Point No.3 Low is the most accessible low power moving coil cartridge that serves as the perfect companion for most powerful, affordable phono stages.

The affordable Blue Point No. 3 models are not the only additions to the Sumiko range of cartridges. The new limited edition Celebration 40th Phono cartridge is unveiled in honor of Sumiko’s 40th anniversary and is the latest evolution of the award-winning Pearwood Celebration II.

Sumiko Celebration 40 Reference MC phono cartridge on the front
Sumiko Celebration 40 reference MC phono cartridge

The Celebration 40 now implements the same solid microridge pen of 75 μm x 2.5 μm with extremely low mass as our flagship Palo Santos Presentation.

The addition of the Microridge stylus is illuminating in terms of micro-detail and spatiality, as it uniquely holds the groove unyielding and tracks and displays the musical clarity flawlessly. The beautiful body made of plum wood embodies exactly the spirit of the celebration design and gives the listening experience an invitation to euphoria.

Do you play records at 78 RPM? Sumiko hasn’t let you down with something new either that works with different cartridges in its range.

Sumiko RS78 phono cartridge
Sumiko RS78 phono cartridge

Sumiko’s first 78-rpm stylus, the RS78 stylus, is a real treat for vintage recording enthusiasts. This stylus offers the listener the ability to rotate classic 10-inch records at 78 rpm without affecting the physical properties of the record.

The RS78 can be installed on the Rainier, Olympia and Moonstone Moving Magnet cartridges and enables owners of these fantastic cartridges to play back shellac recordings at 78 rpm safely and with great care.

With the news of this launch, Sumiko will also be dropping some vintage favorites, including the Blue Point No. 2, Blue Point Special EVO III and Blackbird high / low output phono cartridges.


  • Sumiko Blue Point No. 3 high / low phono cartridges: $ 499 each
  • Celebration 40 Phono Pickups: $ 2799 USD
  • RS78 pen: $ 129 USD

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