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Ink cartridges have advantages, but they can be costly to replace. As the owner of an HP printer, you may be looking for ways to get fresh ink more cheaply. There are several alternatives, but are they safe and inexpensive?

Buying an original replacement is easy. However, the price is a huge deterrent for many consumers. What is the difference between OEM products and HP 902XL ink from a reliable cartridge store that can save you over 25%? Find out below.

Prices for original accessories

The big brands’ pricing policies are undeniably disappointing. Some of their equipment can cost $ 100, but over the course of a few months you might pay twice as much for the supplies. Understandably, many buyers find this policy sneaky and are looking for ways to get around it.

How do the brands justify their stance? The official statement refers to the intensive research and development behind their products. While billions of dollars are spent on research every year, that doesn’t make the razor and blade business model any more attractive.

Overview of the alternatives

Cheaper ink is in great demand, and many independent brands produce cartridges for popular printer models. These products fall into two categories – remanufactured and compatible. Both can deliver great quality as long as you know what to look for.

1. Compatible products

These cartridges are designed and manufactured by third party brands. They work seamlessly with the original equipment and offer comparable print quality. XL volume models are the most affordable, but still save you money. When choosing a reliable store, pay attention to the following:

  • certified quality (compliance with standards such as ISO),
  • the latest version of the chip to ensure compatibility,
  • Tracking of ink levels on some models,
  • two years guarantee,
  • Free Shipping,
  • sustainable manufacturing processes, etc.

2. Remanufactured Products

Instead of replacing a cartridge, you can refill it with fresh ink. However, doing it the old way – taking your product to a service provider and waiting for staff to refill it is cumbersome and time consuming. Instead, order a remanufactured OEM cartridge from a trusted store like Smart Ink.

Professionals empty used cartridges, clean them and add fresh ink. Such products may offer the same benefits as compatible ink cartridges – full warranty, free shipping, and certified ink quality. This option is also more sustainable as the cartridges are reused.

OEM cartridges: pros and cons

An original cartridge is the most expensive replacement. If you don’t care about price, you can always buy it from a nearby department store. But why pay that profit margin when you can get a similar product for less? Compatible and remanufactured cartridges are great value for money – just order them from a reputable store with a full warranty.

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