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The Trump administration will take steps to ensure the Chinese government does not get access to American citizens’ private information via telecommunications and social media, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday, July 8, when asked if the US plans to ban the Chinese app Tiktok.

Pompeo also praised U.S. tech giants Google, Twitter Inc, and Facebook Inc for refusing to share user data with the Hong Kong government, and urged other companies to follow suit after China passed a sweeping new national security law for the semi-autonomous city.

Two days after he said Washington “was certainly considering banning Chinese social media apps, including TikTok,” Pompeo said the US rating is not focused on a specific company, but rather a matter of national one Security.

“The comments I made earlier this week on a particular company fall within the context in which we assess the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party,” said Pompeo. He added that Washington was working to prevent Beijing from gaining access to Americans’ private information or health records.

“So you will see the government take steps to preserve and protect this information and deny the Chinese Communist Party access to private information that belongs to Americans,” he said.

In its far-reaching press conference, Pompeo also accused China of “incredibly aggressive action” in a recent clash with India over a controversial section of its nuclear-armed neighbors’ border, saying Beijing had a pattern that sparked territorial disputes.

On the night of June 15, Chinese armed forces and Indian troops fought for hours with rods and clubs. In this dramatic escalation, 20 Indian soldiers were killed, some died in the freezing waters of the Galwan in the western Himalayas.

“The Chinese have taken incredibly aggressive measures. The Indians did their best to respond, ”Pompeo said at a press conference at the State Department. “I would put this in the context of Secretary-General Xi Jinping and his conduct across the region and indeed around the world.”

His comments reflect the deep-seated tensions between Washington and Beijing over the treatment of the coronavirus outbreak, China’s actions in the former British colony of Hong Kong, and a nearly two-year US-China trade dispute. (Reuters)

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