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Melbourne, Australia – August 4, 2021

IDC, a leading provider of global IT research and consulting, placed PaperCut Software in its recently published Worldwide device and print management 2020 Share Report.

With a reported market share of 10.8%, Co-Founder and CEO Chris Dance couldn’t be happier with the result:

“I am delighted that our hard work has shown us # 1 in terms of print management software market share,” said Chris after reviewing the report.

“2020 was tough in every way,” he continued. “I am so grateful to our partner network. Our partners have doubled their customer-centric ethos and shown great care and respect for all new and existing customers who have faced hybrid work challenges for the first time. “

In its report, IDC notes that PaperCut’s 2020 success was due to the company’s growth in the healthcare sector, as well as the popularity of its Mobility Print solution.

And while Chris agrees, he’s also confident that service is driving change, not just solutions.

“I have no doubt that our success is due to our partner network. Our authorized solution centers, OEM partners, and huge network of dealers and resellers have done an excellent job of ensuring that printing jobs around the world are safe. “

And while total market sales have declined year on year, Chris agrees with the IDC report’s findings when it comes to the outlook for the market in 2022 and beyond:

“We saw positive growth in the first half of 2021 that is reassuring for our employees and our partners,” he said.

The IDC report speaks of big changes in print management for 2021 and beyond, with subscription models, a stronger focus on security, the development of a cloud strategy, and the importance of platform integration as key focus areas for print management providers.

“This has been our focus in recent years as we bring our cloud-native print management solutions PaperCut Hive and PaperCut Pocket to market, while we continue to develop our flagship solutions Papercut MF and Mobility Print,” continues Chris.

“It is certainly comforting to read the IDC report and to get a sense of confirmation that we are on the right track to continue serving our customers through our partner ecosystem.”

Source: IDC, Global and US Device and Print Management Market Shares, 2020: Revenue Decline as COVID-19 Closes Offices Accelerates Digital Transformation, Doc. US46357321, June 2021

Via the PaperCut software

Workplaces around the world are struggling with printing costs and the complexity of print management. PaperCut solves these problems, one workstation at a time.

Since 1998, PaperCut has helped 115 million users in 195 countries save trillions of pages of paper. With PaperCut in their printing environment, IT managers solve their agonizing printing problems once and for all. As? The software solutions are cross-platform and manufacturer-neutral. That means they work with any printer and any operating system. They also have breakthrough technologies such as mobility print, secure print approval and extensive reporting tools.

Businesses of all types, sizes and industries benefit from the control, security, and financial and environmental savings for which PaperCut software is designed.

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