Refillable options for take-out restaurants, alcoholic beverages and subscription deodorants

Examples of reusable and refillable packaging have increased, particularly in the past two years, as brands, retailers and suppliers look for ways to address single-use and hard-to-recycle packaging. With the resistance to disposable packaging, a rethinking of consumers is becoming apparent. The collected innovations can be divided into the four reuse models of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation – refill at home, return from home, refill on the go and return on the go. The dry food, household and personal care sectors are the ones gaining the most ground. Many of the in-store examples listed are small trials and pilot projects, as large retail chains test the waters with a small number of in-store initiatives. Your next steps are eagerly awaited.
Refillable and returnable packaging continues to come down the innovation funnel. The growth will be driven in part by the Plastic Pact’s goal to deliver reusable packaging by 2025. Many of the initiatives come from start-up and challenger brands, with multinational brand owners also getting involved with small trials and pilots. The dry food, household and health and beauty sectors are the most active.

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Refillable Adnams bottlesThePackHubBritish brewery launches refill program for alcoholic beverages
The market for reusable and refillable packaging is evolving and several initiatives come to our attention in the Innovation Zone. This time we follow English brewery Adnams, which has rolled out a new system in four of its stores nationwide. Shoppers can purchase a refillable bottle from dedicated refill stations in each of the participating stores, or simply bring their own. Customers can buy Adnams brand refill bottles or beer growers. There are 0.5 liter, 1 and 2 liter bottles for several brands of beer, gin and wine which can be refilled inexpensively at the breweries. This initiative will prevent the use of single-use packaging. Because consumers are dispensing the product themselves, spills could be expensive.

Eticos refillable deodorantEticos refillable deodorantThePackHubDeodorant pack refilled through subscription service
Dutch startup Éticos has launched a refillable deodorant to reduce the environmental impact of using single-use packaging. The brand created the pack as part of a broader effort to one day replace all single-use packs in bathrooms with refillable ones. The packs can be refilled via a subscription service, which is reportedly seamless and convenient for consumers who want to help the environment but often face obstacles in this area. In addition to focusing on the sustainability of the packaging, Éticos has also chosen to use natural ingredients to strongly represent its values ​​as an “environmentally healthy company”.

Close to refillable take out restaurantsClose to refillable take out restaurantsThePackHubLaunch of the reusable container program for Italian restaurants
Around is an Italian start-up initiative that aims to tackle two problem areas in the restaurant sector: single-use packaging and food waste. They have started a reusable system on the subject of disposable packaging. An app can be downloaded that tells customers which restaurants are participating in the program. They can then request that their groceries be packed in reusable containers that are tracked via a QR code. The app then reminds them daily that the container needs to be returned to the restaurant – if it’s not returned within a week, the customer will be charged €10. Washing of the containers will be carried out by the restaurant unless it has access to Around’s central washing facility. The app also helps reduce food waste by allowing restaurants to alert customers that they have unsold groceries at discounted prices.

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