Rising to the challenge: production and supply chain components

From R Steven Tungate, Toshiba Business Solutions: We’re in a perfect storm. Major media are reporting significant bottlenecks and supply chain disruptions across all industries.

The biggest challenge at Toshiba is the availability of new machines, accessories and parts, which we mainly source from our manufacturing facilities in Asia. Demand exceeds supply.

Currently, our backlog is at pre-pandemic levels and our supply chain is struggling to keep up. For this reason, we have instructed our local Toshiba teams to openly communicate the delivery challenges to our customers.

Because our toners and supplies are manufactured in Mitchell, South Dakota, there have been minimal disruptions to the production schedule and supply chain. This is great for our existing customers. We are not immune to these issues affecting our ability to deliver products.

Rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to eliminate, reduce or create countermeasures to lessen the impact of these issues on our customers.

From an operational perspective, we can summarize this in production challenges and supply chain challenges.

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SOURCE Toshiba

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