Rostec has created a new personal protective device against dangerous animals

MOSCOW, RUSSIA, Feb. 21, 2022 / — Technodinamika Holding of Rostec State Corporation has developed Pyrodender, a new personal protective device against dangerous animals. It allows you to fight off an animal without hurting it. The device is already available on Russia’s multi-category e-commerce platform OZON and in gun stores.

Pyrodender, a next generation protection device, includes two electric batteries for the ignition system and two types of cartridges, flash bang and signal cartridges. The product body with ergonomic pistol grip is equipped with a safety lock and a battery charge indicator.

When triggered, the cartridge produces a flash and a bang of up to 140 dB, which can scare off an aggressive animal. At the same time, the device is completely safe and not designed to cause any real harm.

“The latest data from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment show that there are more than half a million stray dogs in Russia. The device, developed by the Scientific Research Institute for Applied Chemistry, effectively suppresses aggressive behavior in wild animals. Pyrodender is already on sale and costs about 4,500 rubles. “The device is not a weapon, so its purchase does not require a license to own and acquire it,” commented Igor Nasekov, General Director of Technodinamika Holding.

The next generation Pyrodender is an extension of the protection product line developed by the Scientific Research Institute of Applied Chemistry. The first product was the Antidog device, which has proven itself both on the domestic and European markets. Pyrodender is compatible with Antidog cartridges and also has a battery charge indicator and an ergonomic design. The device weighs only 95 grams. This allows you to put it in your pocket, briefcase or pocket, and the push-button safety mechanism prevents any accidental “shot” if you unintentionally press the trigger button.

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