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LAS VEGAS, January 4, 2022 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – WHOOSH !, a global leader in the development of unique cleaning products for screens and electronic devices, introduces a new, environmentally friendly line of screen cleaners and technical hygiene products with reusable bottles and cartridges. The new bottles contain a concentrate of the WHOOSH! proprietary formula. Users simply add water and it’s ready to clean even the most disgusting TV and computer screens, game consoles, and controllers.

As soon as the bottle is empty, the concentrate cartridge can be exchanged and the same bottle filled with water. Each bottle has a cap for leak-proof / leak-proof protection. The reusable bottles are available in 1oz, 3oz and 16oz sizes.

“We strive to develop consumer electronics cleaning solutions that are both effective and safe for families and the environment.” WHOOSH! CEO Julius Kirschner said. “Our new dispensing system for both screen cleaner and sanitech products will reduce plastic waste by keeping bottles out of landfills and offering customers a more environmentally friendly cleaning option.”

The new line of reusable bottles and cartridges diversifies WHOOSH’s full line of cleaning products for screens and electronic devices, including Screen Shine, a powerful cleaner specially designed to clean, polish and protect smartphone screens and electronic devices; and Sanitech, an EPA and Health Canada regulated formula that protects the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses on devices and surfaces that are sensitive to touch. Sanitech helps eliminate infectious organisms in viruses and bacteria while reducing the growth of microorganisms on a treated surface by 99.99%.

“We use our technical devices everywhere: on the toilet, in the gym, wherever we eat, we even sleep with them. Did you know that 30% of viruses can get from your screen to your fingers? When we know what we know, we will continue to innovate products that clean and disinfect electronics for everyday use with confidence, “added Kirschner.

The new WHOOSH! Refillable bottles and cartridges come in January 2022 to consumers

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